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Below is an extract of information from the parenting resource “Big Life Journal”. This information may be of benefit to you and your child during the upcoming exam and assessment block! For more information, you can check out the website.

“Encouraging your older child’s autonomy helps them internalize the value of learning.

Gulp. I know that may seem scary but hear me out.

According to studies on human motivation, pre-teens and teens who believe they have control over their activities are more motivated than those who don’t.

When pre-teens and teens are allowed the autonomy to decide, they will be self-driven to do things they deem valuable. This includes studying and doing their best academically.

Your role is to help them consider the results or consequences of their choices. Ask them to consider things like:

“Are you okay with the consequences of not studying for your test?”

“Does not doing your best in that class impact anything important to you?”

Resist the urge to offer up consequences or make suggestions (unless you are asked). I know, it’s not easy! But reassure yourself that autonomy leads to your older child becoming more responsible and motivated.

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