Visual Arts News

Artexpress Nomination

Congratulations to Year 12 2022 student, Natalie Milenkovski, on her selection of her Body of Work in Artexpress. Artexpress is an annual exhibition that showcases exemplary artworks created by Visual Arts students for their HSC examination. Natalie worked diligently and tirelessly throughout the HSC course to produce a technically accomplished  and powerful artwork titled ‘The Journey’. Well done Natalie!



Sydney Catholic Schools HSC Showcase

Congratulations to Isabella Diaz of Year 12 2022, on her selection into the Sydney Catholic Schools Showcase of HSC artworks. Isabella created a series of paintings titled ‘Memento Amor’ (Remember You Must love), which was influenced by a traditional still life genre, Memento Mori. The Body of Work demonstrates outstanding technical accomplishment and refinement, as well as a diligent effort and attention to detail. Isabella’s artwork will be on display from the 24th to the 30th March next year at the McGlade Gallery at the Australian Catholic University in Strathfield. Well done Isabella on this fantastic achievement.

Year 7 Visual Arts

Inspired by the work of contemporary Australian artist, Howard Arkley, Year 7 students photographed the interior of their home and transformed it into a vibrant collage of patterns and colours, providing a new perspective on a familiar scene. Students displayed creativity and perseverance with this task, well done to our Year 7 artists.




Year 9 Visual Arts


Pop Art Painting

Earlier this year, Year 9 Visual Arts students created paintings that were inspired by the style of a contemporary Australian Pop artist, Johnny Romeo. Students demonstrated attention to detail in the monochromatic painting of a chosen celebrity, as well as boldness in their approach to the gestural and expressive background painting. Well done Year 9 Visual Artists!

Still Life Drawing

Last term, Year 9 Visual Arts students staged, photographed and drew a still life composition using charcoal. Students demonstrated excellent understanding of design principles, compositional devices and shading techniques to create beautifully rendered still life artworks. Congratulations to our Year 9 artists!


Year 10 Visual Arts

Floral Painting

Earlier this year, Year 10 Visual Arts students picked up their paint brushes and selected their favourite flower to paint. Inspired by the Modernist artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, students painted a macro “close-up” composition focusing on elements of colour and tone. The Year 10 Art students demonstrated an outstanding ability in the application of paint to create detailed and impressive artworks which are currently on display outside of the library. Congratulations Year 10 Artists; Katelyn Beljo, Angela Dayeh, Caterina Di Lizio, Francesca Dryden, Paris Lau, Ashleen Lim, Maya Milanovic, Charlotte Olup, Neysha Paraginog, Lucinda Popovski, Alycia Sardelis, Genevieve Tuazon, Nicolette Voukidis and Michaella Wu.





Paste Up & Street Art Poster

This term, Year 10 Visual Arts students have been investigating how art can activate public spaces, and directly influence the audience. Students created digital street art posters based on their research of significant cultural identities, and appropriating the artistic practice of artists Andy Warhol and Shepard Fairy.

Students’ digital art making skills are on display in these witty, poignant and engaging works which are situated in the high traffic area of the underpass near the College canteen. The collaborative, temporary ‘paste up’, ‘street art’ poster mural has been enthusiastically received by passers-by and has activated this often overlooked area of the yard. Well done Year 10 Artists.


Freya Wooby

Visual Arts Teacher