18 Recognise

On Tuesday 1 September, four Year 11 students,  Sharlize Lasala, Niamh, McMenamin, Kaitlyn Rooke, and Naomh Webster accompanied Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Symes to Mary MacKillop Place for a gathering of  Year 11 and 12 students from schools in Sydney.  We listened to speakers from Recognise which is the people’s movement to recognise Indigenous Australians in the Australian Constitution and also to ensure that there is no place in it for racial discrimination  While these girls are not at voting age yet they may be when the Referendum takes place and therefore it is so important to be informed.  Following the presentation the students were placed small groups and some of the ideas that were developed included:


  • Spreading the news about the upcoming referendum in homeroom or house assemblies
  • Raise awareness by wearing badges –> they will question what the badge means
  • Like the Facebook page – Recognise
  • Write for the school newsletter about today’s event
  • Write letters  to government representatives
  • Have year meetings where seniors educate the juniors
  • Have a mock referendum to see what others vote and why
  • Set up posters of the letter ‘R’ which will spark curiosity and then talk about it at
  • Register on the Recognise website