2015 Eastern Region Youth Forum

Last Wednesday night, Lucia Maalouf, Natalie Najem and Maria Nicholas attended the 2015 annual Youth Forum, hosted by Dr. Dan White. The gathering saw representatives from many different Catholic schools across Sydney come together and voice their opinions on significant issues in society. At this forum, each school read and prepared their thoughts on designated chapters from the Pope’s most recent encyclical; ‘Laudato Si’ “Care for Our Common Home”. It was a great way for the youth of Catholic schools to speak as one voice on issues involving the environment, as well as reflect on what our responsibilities are towards the earth in regard to the bible. As well as having Miss Mirabello with us, we were put into a group with 3 boys from Marist College Penshurst and their teacher. There were various activities throughout the afternoon that challenged our perspective in regards to how we view the environment as individuals, a school community and a nation. We were given the opportunity to ask Dr Dan White questions that he will pass onto Prime Minister Tony Abbott in relation to how Australia can preserve the environment for future generations. Overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon where we could express our opinions and hear other people’s perspective. 

Natalie Najem and Maria Nicholas (Year 10)




Laura Mirabello

Youth Ministry and Student Leadership Co-Ordinator