2015 CGSSSA Dance Championships WINNERS!

On Wednesday 9 September, the Bethany dance team travelled to Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College in North Sydney to compete in the Catholic Girls Secondary Schools Sports Association (CGSSSA) Dance competition. We competed in all sections against a number of extremely competitive dance teams from other catholic schools. The standard of competition was exceptionally high, there were many times as an audience member that I was stunned by the performances I saw. However, the Bethany girls were in a league of their own, coming out in each section with enthusiasm and dedication which definitely contributed to our overall win! Our girls exuded professionalism both on and off the stage and displayed enormous school pride with each of our wins and places!

We’re all extremely proud of the efforts of our student choreographic team who worked in their own time to create such amazing pieces throughout the year. Mariah Ahladiotis presented her HSC core composition ‘The Evolution of Man’ in the creative section which was performed brilliantly by the year 11 dance class and Lyric Fidow.

The Bethany dance team owes a huge thank you to these girls for their hard work but they also owe it to themselves and their own efforts in producing this amazing win! However, the biggest thank you we owe is to Mrs Bennie for her continuous support and commitment to the dance team and to dance as an art!


Congratulations to our Bethany Dancers and our talented 2015 student choreographic team:

1st Overall out of 14 Schools and 52 Dance teams

1st Creative – Choreographer: Mariah Ahladiotis (Yr 12) Dancers: Yr 11 Dance Class

1st Hip Hop- Choreographers: Karli Karagiannis & Serena Siow (Yr 11)

1st Jazz – Choreographers: Lyric Fidow & Ashley Nassif (Yr 10)

2nd Folk Greek Dance: Dancers: Yr 10 Dance Class

3rd Tap – Choreographers: Raquel Cannon (yr 12)& Ameliah Crowe (Yr 10)

3rd Modern /Contemporary –Yr 12 Dance Class


Huge thank you to Mrs Jennie Stiles who graciously helped out with costumes and to Miss Samantha Rothwell for all her help on the day.


Teresa Repice  (HSC Dance Student)