2015 City of Sydney Dance Eisteddfod

Bethany’s Dance extra-curricular Dance Troupes debut at the City of Sydney Dance Eisteddfod on Sunday the 26 July was a great success. Unlike the CGSSSA and SCC Dance competitions, this highly competitive event features schools from both the State and Private Sector. The competition was held at UNSW and we entered into two events, the Secondary School Jazz section and the Secondary School Open section. There were 30 schools competing in the Jazz and we received an honourable mention. For the Hip Hop Dance, we finished in second place, a fantastic achievement considering the level of talent present at these competitions.

On the day, the students embodied the Bethany spirit of teamwork and support. A special mention must go to the choreographers. Their planning and teaching of the dances reflects great leadership I would like to thank all the dancers who participated on the day, their dedication produced well deserved results. A special thank you to the parents who supported their daughters on Sunday, it was greatly appreciated.

Student Choreographers

Hip Hop: Karli Karagiannis (11), Serena Siow (11)

Jazz: Lyric Fidow (10), Ashley Nassif (10)


Hip Hop: Karli Karagiannis (11), Serena Siow (11), Kayla Jomaa (10), Chelsea Madden (10), Chloe-Brooke Plazanin (10), Abigail Doherty (9), Monique Doherty (9)  Roselyn Pasia (9), Danise Yuen (9), Karli Agathopoulos(7)


Jazz: Lisa-Marie Maglione (11), Irena Pitsos (11), Karli Karagiannis(11), Kayla Jomaa (10),  Kelly Willson (9), Monique Doherty (9), Abigail Doherty (9), Danise Yuen (9),  Shae Acevski (7), Catriona Farrelly (7),  Alessia Colagiuri (7), Danise Yuen (9)


Danielle Bennie

Dance Teacher