2015 HSC Dance Callback Nomination Success


Callback is a selection of exemplary practical performances across NSW, from the 2015 HSC Dance Practical examinations. 

SIX of our Year 12 Dance students have had outstanding success this year. They have all been selected for HSC Dance Callback. A total of Nine nominations from the 2015 Dance class.

Thank you to the Composition Dancers giving up their time.


Teresa Repice: has been selected for Callback in all three Dance components:

Core Performance, Major Study Performance and Core Composition

(Composition Dancer –Belinda Jones Year 11)


Angelique Georgiadis: has been selected for Callback in two Dance components:

Core Performance and Major Study Performance.


Raquel Cannon: Major Study Performance

Mariah Ahladiotis:  Core Composition (Composition Dancer – Lyric Fidow Year 10)

Melena Oldham: Core Composition (Composition Dancer – Irena Pitsos Year 11)

Eleanor Wharry: Core Composition (Composition Dancer – Lisa-Marie Maglione Year 11)


Well Done Team Dance! We are all so proud!


Danielle Bennie

Dance Teacher