2015 Student Representative Council (SRC)

At our Assembly on 19 March, parents, students and teachers witnessed the induction of our new SRC Leaders for 2015.
I warmly congratulate the following students on being part of the 2015 SRC:


MC402:  Stella Dimitrakas

MC404: Eilis McIntyre

MC313:  Monica Krstevski and Teadora Sorial

MC401: Tijana Miles

MC312: Christina Ristevski

MC403: Sharlize Lasala


MA106: Chloe-Brooke Plazanin

MA203: Maria Nicholas

MA213: Lucia Maalouf

MA214: Melissa Ruz

MA217: Yostina Askander

MA218: Makaella Roditis


MC212: Carissa Hardas

MC209: Musu Leilua

S0102: Christina Grace

S0103:  Melanie Kozarovski

MC204: Dominique Kulchar

MC210:  Valantia Stamatopoulous


PE103: Claudia Bonacci

PE104: Alexis Maalouf

PE109: Medina Eldan

CH102: Eve Hudson

PE105: Shanelle Provenzano

Ch103: Valentina Triulcio


PE205: Georgi Bray 

PE202: Samantha Spratt

PE204: Evelyn Karavokyros

PE206: Shae Acevski 

PE203: Abbey Mary Hoy 

PE110: Alexandra Hammer and Grace O’Keefe


The message that I want to bring to the SRC leaders of 2015 is to always remember that you are a part of a leadership team. Leadership is not about working on your own. Leadership is about working with other talented and energetic leaders around you to achieve great things.

To lead as part of a team you need to encourage others.

You need to show them that you’re supporting them and their ideas.

It feels good to be encouraged by other people, so as a leader you need to encourage other leaders and all other students to make sure they feel good about their achievements and ideas.

To lead as part of a team you also need to listen. You have to realise that your ideas aren’t always the best ideas and that sometimes other people will have better ideas than you.

There’s a saying that says we all have one mouth and two ears which means we should listen twice as much as we speak. If you want to be a good leader this year then you need to make sure you are always listening to what other people have to say. And those two points are my simple message to you this morning.

If you want to be a good SRC leader for Bethany in 2015, then encourage others and listen to them. If you can master those two skills then you’ll be well on the way to having a great year as a leader. At the end of this school year, if you have worked as a team, if you have encouraged others and listened to others, then you will be able to look back and see that you have achieved more than you could ever have achieved on your own.

I wish every SRC leader, and every student at Bethany the very best for 2015, and I hope for each of you and for this school, that it will be your best year yet.


Vicki Lavorato