2016 Sydney Catholic Schools HSC Dance Showcase Recital

Congratulations to Hannah Berghouse, Belinda Jones, Lisa-Marie Maglione and Serena Siow who were selected to showcase their HSC Dance works at the 2016 Sydney Catholic Schools HSC Recital on the 22nd of November. This event recognises and celebrates the outstanding achievement of Performing Arts students in Sydney Catholic Schools.

Hannah Berghouse: Core Composition ‘The Runner’

The concept/intent of this composition explores the physical and mental journey a runner under takes as they move through preparation, running then ultimately exhaustion.


Belinda Jones: Core Performance ‘Jealous’

This dance explores how relationships can become unhealthy as individuals can be consumed by jealousy.  


Lisa-Marie Magilone: Major Study Performance ‘Embrace’

This work communicates embracing the present and what it may bring in the future. Time goes by fast so every moment should be captured and never forgotten.


Serena Siow : Major Study Film ‘Fractals In Space’

This Film explores the theme of reoccurring patterns that are found in both natural and man made environments. In the form of rondo, the three dancers encounter and become one within different landscapes.


Thank you to Kayla Jomma (Year 11) who performed Hannah Berghouse’s Core Composition and the film dancers: Nyah Jones (Year 9), Dominique Kulchar (Year 10) & Roselyn Pasia (Year 10)


Mrs Danielle Bennie

Dance Teacher