2017 Dance Elective Excursion ‘Bennelong’ Bangarra Dance Theatre

On Wednesday 26 July Bethany Dance students from Years 9 to 11 went on an excursion to attended a performance at the Sydney Opera House to view Bangarra Dance Theatre’s latest work “Bennelong”, a full-length work by Artistic Director Stephen Page. Prior to the performance, students were invited to attend a first ever background tour of Australian history, which was complimentary to the performance. The tour was thoroughly informative and designed to provide audiences with some background knowledge and understanding of the significance of the performance’s concept: “Bennelong”.  The tour was conducted around the grounds of the Opera House, including selected areas backstage. Using this background information from the tour, it was easier to identify and better appreciate the work’s mesmerising and incredible narrative. This captured the story of Woollahra Bennelong, a senior man of the Eora, from the Port Jackson area in Sydney.

Through the power, artistry and passion of the country’s most outstanding dancers, along with immersive soundscapes and exquisite design, we saw a performance of a unique Australian dance language. Through which, the company celebrates the continuation of life and culture. Overall, it was a visually spectacular and enjoyable performance to watch and analyse, summarising our study on Australian dance. The performance also provided an opportunity for students to build upon their Dance Appreciation knowledge and analysis skills. Ultimately, the excursion was extremely beneficial in educating and developing our understanding around Australian contemporary dance.

Dominique Kulchar –  Year 11 Dance