2017 SCC Dance

This year we had 65 Dancers from years 7-12 competing in the Junior Jazz, Intermediate Jazz, Senior Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop categories.  The day was a great success for Bethany College, placing 3rd Overall out of eight schools. It was evident that the hard work and attention to detail in Thursday sport and lunch time Dance rehearsals paid off. We have been planning and auditioning since term 4 last year and has a whole, Team Dance has developed and gained great knowledge and experience in the art of Dance. Our Dancers took the stage with confidence and poise, performing each Dance maintaining energy levels and exemplary technique. Such an achievement could only be the result of the undeterred dedication of our student choreographic team and Bethany dancers.

 A huge thank you and congratulations to our talented team of student choreographers:

Junior Jazz: Meaghan Grove & Danielle South ( Yr 10 )

Intermediate Jazz: Alexis Maalouf ( Yr 10 )

Senior Jazz: Isabella Genlik & Emilia Kovacevic ( Yr 10 )

Tap: Abigail Bryant & Ameliah Crowe ( Yr 12 )

Folk: Roselyn Pasia ( Yr 11 )

Hip Hop: Roselyn Pasia and Ex Bethany Dance students: Karli Karagiannis & Serena Siow

Modern Dance: 2017 HSC Dance Class


2nd Place:   Intermediate Jazz , Senior Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop

3rd Place: Folk Dance: Filipino

Congratulations Team Dance !


Alexis Maalouf

Year 10



Senior Jazz



Junior Jazz

Intermediate Jazz