2017 Sydney Catholic Schools HSC Dance Showcase Recital

Congratulations to Kayla Jomaa who has been selected to showcase her HSC Dance Core Performance and Core Composition at the 2017 Sydney Catholic Schools HSC Recital on 20 November. This event recognises and celebrates the outstanding achievement of Performing Arts students across Sydney Catholic Schools. Thank you to composition dancer Roselyn Pasia of Year 11 who dedicated her time to Kayla’s composition throughout the year. 

Core Performance “Let it Go”

Choreographed by – Mrs Bennie

Dancer – Kayla Jomaa









The core performance dance is prepared as an outgrowth of classwork under the guidance of the teacher. The dance is considered a coherent organisation of technical body skills, phrases and sequences that contribute to executing movement safety and correctly. This dance is interpreted as letting go of the past in order to endure future experiences. 

 Core Composition “Train Tracks” 

Choreographed by – Kayla Jomaa

Dancer – Roselyn Pasia – Year 11









The concept intent is “if these train tracks could talk” communicating the different storylines that happen on train tracks. The stimulus is ideational and the formal structure is narrative consisting of three sections A, B and C.


Danielle Bennie

Teacher In Charge Dance