Congratulations to our graduating class of 2018.

Our 2018 HSC results have solidified the outstanding results received in 2017 with HSC results and ATAR’s being released last week.

Schools are not privy to its students’ ATAR results. They were sent to students by the Universities Admissions Centre directly. We can only report on the ATAR information students have given us.

Brief Summary and Highlights of Higher School Certificate (HSC) results:

  • 152 candidates each awarded the HSC.
  • 12 candidates elected not to present for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
  • 140 candidates opted to present for an ATAR.
  • 63 out of the 140 ATAR candidates (45%) achieved at least one mention on the Premier’s Distinguished Achiever’s list.
  • Bethany College is ranked 95th out of approximately 600 schools in NSW. Bethany has appeared in the top 100 schools for the second consecutive year.
  • 3 mentions on the NSW Premier’s Top Achievers list for students in the top 20 of a subject, Eve Fernando was placed 4th in the State in Mathematics, Sarah Gadallah 7th in the State for Business Services and Louisa Leone 16th in the State for Mathematics.
  • 132 mentions on the NSW Premier’s Distinguished Achiever’s list (students who achieve a Band 6, mark greater than 90%, in all subjects presented).
  • Across our system of Sydney Catholic Schools – 1st place in 4 subjects

                   Mathematics – Eve Fernando – Accelerated from Year 11

                   Mathematics – Louisa Leone – Accelerated from Year 11

                   Mathematics Extension 1 – Louisa Leone – Accelerated from Year 11

                   Studies of Religion 1 – Bianca Setionago

                   Dance – Monique Doherty

  • Across Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1 – 2 students achieved perfect scores (100%)


The Distinguished Achievers are:

Melissa Alexiadis, Chloe Allcorn, Madison Amorim, Indigo Arman, Nichola Carson, Farah Chalak, Chermay Chaves, Lillian Conte,  Jessica Convery, Isabella Czarnecki, Brianna Dimitrievski, Monique Doherty, Tihana Dotur, Jasmin Feng, Eve Fernando, Clare Fitzgerald, Sarah Gadallah, Bianca Georgievska, Tanya Giannakos, Christina Grace, Kirsten Grskovic, Jamie Howe, Alana Jones, Annika Kerwick, Hei Ting Katie Koo, Melanie Kozarovski, Dominique Kulchar, Louisa Leone, Janice Lewis, Jasmin Li, Elizabeth Liaw, Julia Lo Russo, Miriam Mackeen, Georgia Malaxos,  Olivia Marshall, Alyssa Montauti, Alyssa Mullen, Ha Nguyen, Mary Nguyen, Phoebe Nobrega, Joana Nunag, Isabella Paramythis, Ashlee Pasfield, Roselyn Mae Pasia, Natasha Pejic, Anna Pemberton, Isabelle Rizk, Martina Rizzo, Georgia Robinson, Yazmina Rouady, Anna Maria Sanchez,  Adrianna Santos, Jessica Semsarian, Bianca Setionago, Sophie Smyth, Zara Solomos,  Valantia Stamatopoulos, Rochelle Maree Stevenson, Sabrina Stojanovska, Dana Sutherland, Lilly Tatam, Ruby Thomas, Kelly Wilson

  • 87.5% of all courses were above the State average.

At least 29 students (21%) with an ATAR of 90 or greater (as at time of printing)

  • 1 student nominated for Drama Onstage
  • 16 students nominated for Dance Callback
  • 12 Students from Year 11 were accelerated in Mathematics
  • 10 Students from Year 11 were accelerated in Mathematics Extension 1

Noteworthy subject performances (in subject alphabetic order), where all students achieved a Band 4 or higher (>70%):

  • Ancient History
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension 1
  • Italian Continuers
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Extension 2
  • Modern History
  • Senior Science
  • Society and Culture
  • Studies of Religion II
  • Visual Arts

Noteworthy subject performances (in subject alphabetic order), where all students achieved a Band 5 or higher (>80%):

  • Business Services
  • History Extension
  • Japanese Beginners
  • Music 1
  • Music 2


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal



2018 Dux of College


Jessica Semsarian

ATAR 98.25




Students who placed in the state


Students with ATAR over 90



Robyn Rodwell

College Principal