2019 HSC Dance

Dance as a subject… now when you say that to someone who doesn’t take this subject the general consensus is “oh, easy! you just do leaps and turns down the room”. 

Far from it, actually. Dance is my hardest subject. Our class always joke that it should be a four unit subject instead of two.

The 2019 Year 12 Dance classes have just finished our HSC practical exams. Yep, we’ve completed 80% of our HSC in the same week of doing our HSC trial exams for our other subjects. It hasn’t been easy with four days of exams, but I can see everyone is very happy with how they performed. 

Although it is a lot of work, it is a very rewarding subject. My general life skills such as discipline, work ethic and time management have been tested and developed as well as knowledge such as managing injuries, technique and anatomy. My appreciation for dance has also increased through the study of two dance works. 


What does dance HSC involve? It’s a lot…

We work all year on three practical components as well as one written component. At Bethany, we do Core Composition, Core Performance and we Major predominantly in Performance although you can major in any of the other components including film. 

In Core Composition, we develop a dance based off a concept intent and a criteria. We teach this to a younger student and they perform this in our examination after we complete a six minute interview talking about our choreographic choices. A huge congratulations to all the composition dancers this year. They were so motivated and the two year 12 classes couldn’t thank you all enough. 

Core Performance, involves a dance choreographed by our teacher, a one minute cool down and then a six minute interview discussing safe dance, technique and performance quality. 

Major study Performance. This is like core performance; however, we have to develop our movement around an interpretation and then have a nine minute interview following this. In our performances, we get the opportunity to adjust the movement to suit our capabilities and limitations which adds a personalised touch to our performance. 

We finish our HSC with a written exam – two essays in an hour (plus 5 minutes reading time) talking about the two dance works we are studying in class.

Besides all this work, dance has been a huge part of my schooling life at Bethany. Multiple lunch times and after school sessions have been involved over the years. Ever since I was in year 7 I have been learning about the dance syllabus dot points. I had danced in past HSC composition exams which was both a teaching and rewarding experience. Doing this alongside a few other dance girls from my grade was incredible and looking back, we gained a huge amount of exposure over the years to help us when it was our turn. Dance is so enjoyable at this school that any student in these classes could tell you they look forward to it! There’s not one day we dread…. maybe the interview practice lessons but that’s it. Overall, the dance atmosphere is one of pure love. I have built such strong relationships with students in years as young as year 8. We are one big family!

None of this would be possible without the help of our amazing dance teachers. The knowledge and passion you radiate is inspiring. Mrs Danielle Bennie, helping us from early on and still supporting us while on maternity leave, and now Miss Lucy Eaton who has been absolutely brilliant. We couldn’t be happier to call you a member of Team Dance. On behalf of the twenty HSC dance students we couldn’t say thank you enough!


Louise Robinson – Year 12 

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