2019 Mosaic Mentoring Program

This year, The University of New South Wales invited high ability and high performing students to be involved in their Mosaic Mentoring program, building partnerships between our students and the university. The program provides a platform for UNSW volunteers and high school students to discuss global issues, cultural diversity and community identity.

Over the past four weeks, the Year 9 Newman Religious Education class have been working closely with their UNSW mentors to complete a major project centred around the 2019 theme of Inclusion. This theme was introducted to the girls at the Forum Day in July and continues to be workshopped in Religious Education classes. The major work will be presented at the University at the Expo night in September as well as at College Newman Showcase in Term 4.

Below is a reflection from one of the Year 9 students on the program so far:

The Mosaic Mentoring program has given us a unique opportunity to come together as a class to engage in conversation around the 2019 Mosaic Mentoring theme of Inclusion.

The program gives us the opportunity to express our opinions and views on modern-day issues, whilst collaborating with our peers to complete a major project.

Once a week, the mentors from UNSW come to Bethany College to guide us in our major works. Their guidance has been extremely helpful in formulating ideas, concepts and methods in completing our major works.

 Eloise Martelletti, Year 9 Newman



Dorian Kipriotis and Jamie Lee Wood