2021 CSDA Public Speaking Competition

The Zone Finals of the 2021 CSDA Public Speaking Competition was held last Friday, 12 March. Seven finalists from students in Year 7 to 10, and Year 12, represented our College, which was an outstanding result. Despite our finalists not making it through to the Grand Finals, we are tremendously proud of each of our speakers who delivered their speech with poise and confidence from a virtual platform. We congratulate the following students for giving their best performance at the Zone Finals: Jade Lozanovski (Year 12), Aya Bazzi (Year 10), Penny Kalantzis (Year 9), Harper Bollard (Year 8), Eva Nanevski (Year 8), Mairead McAllister (Year 8) and Sienna Kovacevic (Year 7).

Preparations for debating are currently underway. The Regional Debating Competition is scheduled to commence in Week 2 of Term 2.


Ms Shirley Woo and Ms Sophia Stavropoulos