Elective Dance Excursion – Bangarra

Bethany College Elective Dance students from Year 9 to 12 attended their performance of ‘Our Land People Stories’, Bangarra Dance Theatre at the Opera House that on Wednesday 29 June. The Elective Dance students used this experience to build upon the Dance Appreciation component, the students need to develop the skills to complete Dance analysis to enable them to develop the skills to critique live dance performances. The excursion enabled the development and understanding of Australian Contemporary Dance and exposed the students to professional Dance works .

Our transportation to the Opera House Theatre was by train and as everyone was on time and grouped together we all went for a walk around Circular Quay and stopped for morning tea at a restaurant before the performance. All the Dance students sat with their friends, mostly the year group dance classes and had a great time and enjoyable meal together. – Team Dance!

The performance of ‘Our Land People Stories’ was split into two different stories both contrasting each other and portraying two historical and meaningful Indigenous stories.  The works told the stories through the use of song, music and dance, in order to connect the audience to the land, and teach them about culture and traditions and importantly the knowledge passed from generations, performed on the stage with the Indigenous company dancers to correctly portray the story. Each year Bangarra constructs and performs a work specific to Indigenous members of the company and about their Indigenous community. The creators of these works perform the stories they tell, true to the traditional owners of those stories and uphold integrity of stories’ meaning.

After the performances finished the Bethany College students and the rest of the other schools participated in a Question and Answer segment about the two works. Each of the choreographers told the back story to their Indigenous culture and explained the meaning and purpose of the works of what they are portraying. All of the Elective Dance students were able to intake the information provided and gave an example of the type of questions and ways to examine a Dance work.

Tina Moss – Year 11