Year 10 Design and Technology

On 28 February, our Year 10 Design and Technology class went on an excursion to IKEA Tempe (the biggest in Australia), home of innovation and flat packing. This coincided with our project for this semester, to create a product that fits in with an existing IKEA collection. We had done previous research on ranges and the types of products we wanted to create for our project. Each student in the class is going to produce something unique, from storage solutions, to mirrors, dinnerware, pillows and shelving. The possibilities for this project are endless. We all had a great time at IKEA, walking around, and getting our creative juices flowing (and hardly getting lost which was quite an achievement). We were introduced to Swedish meatballs with jam (an interesting combination) and were able to test out all of the furniture for ‘research’ purposes of course… All in all we enjoyed the excursion very much, changing and solidifying our ideas for our projects. Thank you Miss Napoli and Mrs Rowland for organising our awesome day out!
– Justina Alabasinis and Ashleigh Hollis