Ignite Youth Group

On July 27, two young leaders from St Declan’s in Penshurst came to speak with the girls about the youth group called ‘Ignite Youth’ that they run on a fortnightly basis. They also promoted a program that they are running, called Alpha. The snacks that they brought with them to share with the girls were also a hit!

Girls and boys from a number of other local high schools attend this youth group. We also have a number of Bethany students who already attend and two who went last fortnight. I asked one of these students, Alexandra Keedle-Ortiz to answer some questions about her experiences of the evening in case there are any students who are keen to go but want to know a bit more about it.

The next gathering is this Friday, August 25th with the group for years 7-9 running from 6pm-8pm and the group for years 10-12 running from 7.30-10pm. The cost is $5 and this goes towards a light supper. So what are you waiting for? Go along for some fun, games, music and an opportunity to meet like minded people whilst sharing your faith.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at laura.mirabello@syd.
or call me during school hours on 8566 0711


Laura Mirabello

Youth Ministry and Student Leadership Coordinator


Interview with Alexandra Keedle-Ortiz (Y10)

  1. What made you want to attend the youth group?

As I regularly attend mass at St Declan’s parish, I’ve heard numerous announcements regarding youth group. Recently, St Declan’s parish promoted their youth group’s involvement in the ‘Alpha’ program, which enables participants to freely discuss the Catholic faith and ask any questions they may have. This sparked my interest as I was interested in gaining a fuller understanding of the faith, and I was therefore prompted to attend the next evening.


  1. Did you have any reservations about attending? If so, did these reservations disappear after attending and why?

I previously attended the junior youth group, which I highly enjoyed as I built close friendships with a few of the youth leaders. As I now have to attend senior youth group, I had some underlying nerves as I wasn’t sure if I would know anyone. These worries soon disappeared as a few friends I made from last year’s junior youth group attended and thus helped introduce me to their friends.


  1. In 3 words, describe your experience of the evening.

Youth group was an engaging, lively and enlightening evening.  


  1. What did you do there?

The senior youth group began with a pizza dinner along with the junior group whom had just concluded their own evening. This gave us a chance to converse with others from both senior and junior groups. Following dinner, we introduced ourselves and followed with some inclusive games and activities. After this, we then watched the second film from the ‘Alpha’ series regarding the surreal yet realistic nature of Jesus’ resurrection. We then concluded the night by discussing and asking any questions we had in regards to the film.


  1. In 3 words describe the people who ran it.

The youth group leaders exhibited energetic, passionate and welcoming attitudes.


  1. What was the best part of it?

The most worthwhile part of the evening was being able to meet new people as it provides the environment and opportunities to build friendships with like-minded individuals.


  1. Would you go again? Why or why not?

I would definitely go again as youth group was a fun-filled evening and provided an opportunity for me to meet people of the same age. Furthermore it helped develop my understanding of the Catholic faith as a whole.