From the Assistant Principal

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Goal setting at the start of term:

In keeping with the principles of a Growth Mindset, start of term is a great time to stop and think about how we will prioritise:

Guidelines for Goal Setting

Once you start setting your goals for the year, compare them to the checklist below to make sure they are SMARTIES.

  • SPECIFIC: Make goals as detailed and specific as possible. Don’t make broad wishy-washy goals like ‘I want to do better in Maths’, make them very detailed and specific. Exactly what do you want to achieve?
  • MEASUREABLE: You want to be able to know when you have achieved your goal so make sure there is some way to measure your success.
  • ACTION-ORIENTED: Your short-term goals should really be the action steps you need to take to achieve the medium and longer term goals.
  • (Another version of SMARTIES has Aspirational instead of action-oriented, i.e. your goals should inspire you and stretch and challenge you beyond your comfort level.)
  • RELEVANT & REALISTIC: Goals change, so if your goal is no longer relevant, you need to change it too. Although your goals should stretch you beyond your comfort zone, they need to be in some sense realistic. Create challenging goals by all means, but not totally unrealistic ones.
  • TIME-BASED: Your goals need to have a ‘to complete by’ date to give you something to aim for.
  • INTERESTING: Make your goals about things that you find interesting and worthwhile.
  • EMOTIONAL: Use powerful language to express the emotion behind the goals.
  • SUCCESS ORIENTED: Express your goals in a positive and success focused way.


A message from Bayside Council…

With the commencement of the new school year, this is a timely reminder for parents and carers of the need for road safety around your school.   Children are vulnerable road users.  They are at risk in the traffic environment because of their size, their difficulty in judging speed and distance, and the fact that they may behave unpredictably.

Below are some safety steps for parents/carers of school-aged children which I urge you to promote in your School Newsletter.


  •         Always obey the parking signs around schools. They have been designed to keep your children safe.
  •         Double parking at any time is illegal and is particularly dangerous around schools. It reduces visibility and blocks the road for other motorists. Children stepping on to the road to get  into a car which is double parked are not visible to other motorists.
  •         Your child should always use the safety door to get in and out of the car. The safety door is the rear passenger side door that opens to the kerb side.
  •         Until they are 8 years old, you should always hold a child’s hand when crossing the road, in the car park and when you are on the footpath.
  •         It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that each passenger is secured in an appropriate seatbelt or child car seat.  Check before you start the car on every trip.

Council’s Parking Officers will be enforcing parking restrictions on a rotational roster system throughout the school year. Therefore, I encourage you to remind parents and carers of the need to obey the parking restrictions in streets around your school.  In this regard, attached is an information sheet on regulatory signs which you may find around your school, including current fines and demerit points.

Should you require any further information, please contact Council’s Road Safety Officer, Sue Watson on 0412 812 491 or

For more detailed information on school zones  please see links below to RMS website


Bus Timetable to be Updated

As many parents will know, I have been in negotiation with Transdev over the last year to change timetables services to better meet the needs of our girls.

Transdev have been rescheduling based on the new train timetables and have been able to offer the following amendments that will be in operation from Monday 26 February and will be posted on their website soon.

  1.       The 15:45 Route 452 to Rockdale has been replaced by the earlier 15:24 to Rockdale. The later trip will still pass at the same time but is no longer listed.
  2.       The Wednesday and Friday Route S099 and S077 trips to Hurstville have been moved forward from 15:20 to 15:05.

I would like to thank the transport monitors for their ongoing support with this.



Jacinta Russo

Assistant Principal