The Bethany College Media Team

Bethany College has recently introduced their own Media team under the guidance of Mrs T Chisari and Mr S Laguzza. The Media Team includes talented students from Years 10, 11 and 12, with junior students recruitment beginning mid year.  The students in the Media Team are skilled in various art and design disciplines such as photography, lighting, videography, animation, anime and graphic design. The Media Team can be joined through an application process annually. The role and responsibilities of the Media Team and its prefect Gabriella Alavaro are to cater to the media needs of staff and students at Bethany College. From designing presentations for assembly, showcasing graphic design in posters and adverts around the school to editing content and short films and photographing school events, the Media Team has been kept very busy over the first weeks of school. 





Therese Chisari

Media Team Facilitator