Year 7 Newman English

The Roman philosopher Seneca said, “While we teach, we learn.” The Year 7 Newman class have seen the effect of this firsthand through the poetry unit that they have just completed. In their own words, over the past few weeks, they have “astonished our teacher and classmates with our presentations on Australian Poetry. We have learnt so much and we really enjoyed working together throughout this unit and now have a greater understanding of the hard work and creativity that goes towards writing poems.” – Montana Ilievski.

“These presentations allowed us to teach our fellow classmates something new. It also helped us with our organisational and creativity skills. Presenting wasn’t as bad as we thought, even when public speaking can be unsettling.” – Gabrielle Talite, Julianna Li and Loreena Jeff.

“The task we completed was interesting and enriching as it helped us advance our poem analysis and public speaking skills as well as give us further understanding of the topic and a wider knowledge of a variety of poems.” – Gabriella Del Castillo.

Feedback from Sofia Aranega (Year 12 English Prefect) and Jodie Tse (Year 12 SRC member):

We had the privilege of being invited to observe the poetry presentations of Mrs Golding’s Year 7 Newman English class. We were both astounded at the level of talent and expertise the girls demonstrated in their analysis and interaction with the class. It was thrilling to see the younger students actively immerse themselves in their learning. Some girls even prepared an entire lesson, and incorporated a variety of engaging activities such as crossword puzzles, worksheets and Kahoots. It was overall an exciting chance to connect with younger students through a passion for English. One thing is for sure, the girls would make fantastic teachers in the future!

We would like to thank the girls for having us, and for the extraordinary amount of effort they put into their presentations.





Laura Golding

Year 7 Coordinator