Year 7 Camp

On February 21st the Year 7 “Doves” travelled together to Deer Park in The Royal National Park for their first high school overnight camp.

Students participated in a range of activities over two days including; canoeing, damper cooking, a Christian discovery session, team building activities in the “Amazing Race”, archery and of course the much loved waterslide. The girls also got to play a variety of games at night which were also a highlight.

The camp was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to build strong relationships with their peers and teachers, with many commenting that they made new friends over these two days and that it was a good opportunity to meet students from other homerooms.

On behalf of the girls, we would like the thank the following teachers; Mrs Ndaira, Mr Martin, Ms Carrabs, Ms Johnson, Ms Davenport, Mr Laguzza, Ms Iffland, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Colreavy, Mrs Bullock, Mrs Mark, Mrs Vale, Mrs Camporeale, Miss Eaton, Ms Stratilas, Dr Trent, Mrs Hughes and Ms Rodwell. These teachers gave generously of their time and their positivity, enthusiasm and care for each student ensured that the camp ran smoothly and that the girls had a memorable and positive experience.

The girls made the following comments about their time away:

  • Zoe – “the waterslide was fun and exhilarating!”
  • Bianca – “the team building exercises were great because we got to work together, there was lots of enthusiastic shouting! We also liked the night-time fashion show.”
  • Eleni – “Canoeing was great because we had to work as a team with new people, and learn about them on the water.”
  • Millie – “the cabin arrangement was good because we got to spend time with people we didn’t know.”
  • Eve – “The amazing race activity was so varied and we got to do so many things. And the lunch-time sport was fabulous! Skipping and basketball were our favourite.”
  • Camilla – “The people that worked there were very kind and tried their best to make our stay fun.”

We hope that your daughters had a wonderful time away with their friends and that they are better equipped to settle into their high school routine for Term 1.




Connie Pikis

Year Coordinator