Bethany Day 2019

On Friday the 8th of March, the Bethany College Community came together to celebrate the annual commemoration of Bethany College in which we call ‘Bethany Day’. We started off the day with a special mass held by Father Janusz and Father Paul, following with the announcement of the Bethany Day Award recipient and then an afternoon spent at Carss Park where students could have a picnic and enjoy various activities.

The Year 12 cohort value is ‘Wholeness’, together the SRC leadership team chose a theme which reflected this value, where students were able to dress up and show off their favourite ‘Iconic Squads’. This theme corresponded nicely to our value of wholeness where everyone came together and put in lots of effort highlighting our overarching value “Together, we grow”.

Having a picnic was also a great way to celebrate the value of wholeness whereby all groups could sit together for some food, fun, and laughter. Throughout the day there were plenty of fun activities involving the participation of all year groups. Some of the activities that were set up were: sack races, egg and spoon races, chopstick skittle relay race, Bocce, Footy pass wall, tenpin bowling and tug of war.

Bethany Day was a tremendous day filled with wholeness, collaboration, creativity, and service in which I’m sure the Year 12 Pearls will never forget! I extend a huge thank you to all of the teachers who were involved in the preparation of this big day and we are very appreciative that it came together remarkably.

Congratulations to Megan Mendoza (pictured above) who is the 2019 Bethany Day award winner.


Siena Dal Bianco Year 12 SRC