7 English S Slams Their Way Through Their Poetry Unit

In the fun filled and exciting 7 English-S class with Miss Taouk, on Friday , 3 November 2017, Year 7 produced a self-organised poetry slam. We wrote a personalised poem each, on a topic of choice and shared this infront of our class, using expression to share the theme or message that we aimed to portray. It was an exceptionally fun task to be a part of, as Miss Taouk allowed us the opportunity to be self-directed, each having our own role to ensure the event was a success.

In order to make this event happen, we needed to work together. This included many unique and intricate jobs such as the design and distribution of invitations and tickets, security guards at the door, the guest list creators, a team in charge of table arrangements and seating,  a decorations team, a team in charge of prizes, a team to create the judge’s criteria, an advertising team and many more.

Some of the major jobs included our hosts (Julia Haydar and Darah Elsawi), the judging panel (Isabella Diaz, Vayiana Agoris, Vika Pohahau, Violet Gruppelaar, Sophie Halliday and Jelena Puda), and the coordinators of the event (Tahlia Genlik and Tyana Petrevski).

It was a wonderful opportunity as we were able to experience what it is like to attend an actual poetry slam. Miss Taouk taught us to click for applause, rather than clapping and even provided us with a proper microphone to make the event as authentic as possible. Students dressed up to portray their roles, and every member of the class had the chance to share a poem, which we all worked hard to edit and perfect before the event.

We would like to give a special thanks to our guest VIP visitors from the day including Ms Field, Ms Moroney, Ms Nabaki and Ms Straker. We hope that you enjoyed our Poetry Slam as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

The results from the day were as follows:

1st Place- Tyana Petrevski- “Uncompleted”

2nd Place- Darah Elwasi- “Nations Flag” AND Lily Clarke- “Truly Lost”

3rd Place- Tahlia Genlik- “New York State Of Mind”, Julia Haydar- “Beach” AND Katya Alexander- “My Name”

We would like to congratulate these girls on their outstanding poetic achievements. We would also like to commend all participants in this class ,who worked tirelessly to ensure a successful event.

Finally, 7ENS would like to give a massive thank you to Miss Taouk for being a great teacher this year and allowing us to have such exciting and real opportunities in the classroom. She has also provided us with a souvenir booklet including each class member’s poem, so that we may always remember and reflect on our hard work from Year 7.  Overall, we really enjoyed our first poetry unit in Year 7 and it will definitely be one to remember.


By Tahlia Genlik and Tyana Petrevski