Gold Duke of Edinburgh

On the 29th of August, the Gold Duke of Edinburgh girls embarked on a challenging four-day hike from Bundeena to Engadine for their qualifying adventurous journey. We walked roughly 56 kilometres in total with around 18 kilogram packs. We were required to navigate our own way, exploring the picturesque Australian coastline and bush. Upon reaching each campsite we had to assemble our tents and cook dinner in groups. It was an empowering experience which enabled us to grow in resilience, self-confidence and teamwork as well as bond together in friendship.

Along the way, we faced many obstacles which certainly took us out of our comfort zones. The weather on the first day was particularly harsh as torrential rain poured down all day and night and gale force winds lifted us off our feet. Thankfully, we kept spirits high with lots of singing and laughter. A huge congratulations to all the beautiful young women I hiked with whose tenacity and determination was truly inspiring, particularly those who persevered despite injury and sickness. Thank you Mr Roberts for organising this unforgettable opportunity and for taking us, it is greatly appreciated. Mrs Poole and Miss Dimanoski we also thank you for giving up you time to come with us and for being so positive and supportive.

Georgia Marks – Year 11