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Cover 2 Cover Reading Challenge

This week has been our third week of our Cover 2 Cover Wide Reading Challenge which runs through to the end of Week 8.

We are starting to see our first students have their reading logs validated. We would like to remind students to fill in this log as they finish reading each book and present this to Mr Amuso in the library so points can be validated and recorded.

Every point counts, especially as there are prizes on offer. The one book that a student reads could make the difference. Even homeroom prizes. 

Our Library website also has a special page containing all the resources that are needed to participate in the challenge. Click here to access it. Bookmark it in your browser.


As reported in Week 2, we are also running a Staff Favourite Books Guessing Competition. Remember there are special prizes on offer for those who can correctly guess the favourite books of staff at the college. Feel free to enter.


Make reading part of your daily routine

Research clearly demonstrates a link between reading on a daily basis and performance in the classroom, especially in terms of broadening literacy skills. This can flow through to performance in every subject.

Some students might see reading as a “chore” given that they will often be required to do reading in class (even if just a paragraph or two) or because they are timetabled to engage in reading e.g. reading novels during roll call. 

Reading should be a pleasurable and enjoyable activity that should only take at least fifteen minutes of your day. It is a matter of reading what you want to read, but at the same time, challenging yourself to improve your reading skills. 

Students should be encouraged to set themselves a reading challenge for the rest of 2019 and set a goal for 2020. This may include

  • Increasing  the time that you allocate to reading – Use the time spent travelling to and from school or read for 15 minutes each day before going to bed. Instead of reading for 15 minutes a day, aim to read for 20 minutes a day.
  • Reading a variety of literature – Don’t focus on reading books from one genre only. Challenge your mind and read from different genres.
  • Identifying related books or stories to read – Some books take their inspiration from other books e.g. The Hunger Games. 
  • Challenging friends – Are friends taking part in the Premiers Reading Challenge? Encourage them to take part and aim to see who can finish a book first. 
  • Having fun. Reading is a pleasurable and relaxing activity. Don’t treat it as a chore. 


Library Website

We would like to encourage all students, parents and staff to bookmark our library website ( Not only does it contain our library catalogue, but information relating to library services and activities at the college. 

Fabian Amuso

Teacher Librarian