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Cover 2 Cover Reading Challenge Update

Two weeks remain in our internal wide reading challenge. We would like to encourage those who are participating to ensure that they are validating their reading logs in the library to earn points to win the prizes that are on offer.

While some students may find the prizes for most books read or points earned to be beyond their reach, there is an opportunity to work with their homeroom to earn a special lunch. 

As of Tuesday (19 November) the following homerooms have earned the most points:

  1. 7 HRM S – 80 points
  2. 7 HRM E – 74 points
  3. 8 HRM W – 50 points

There has been an intense battle going on amongst students and the following students have earned the most points (as of 19 November).

  1. Franceska Sunga (Year 7) – 74 points
  2. Evelyn Efstathakis (Year 7) – 70 points
  3. Marianne Sarimento (Year 8) – 46 points

It is not too late to take part and earn points. Remember that books read since the start of term also count. 


Reading reduces anxiety

According to Beyond Blue, 7% of Australian adolescents have experienced an Anxiety Disorder while around 3% have experienced a depressive disorder. Research by the Black Dog Institute has shown that 25% of adolescents are at risk of developing mental illness at some point in their lives. 

In recent times, researchers have examined whether or not reading can reduce anxiety, known as bibliotherapy. Evidence has suggested that reading a good book can reduce anxiety.

How? Reading a book allows a person to escape from the problems that they are facing, and can enter into another world. Reading can also allow a person to develop a sense of compassion and empathy but also aid in healing.

Sometimes our day doesn’t turn out the way that we wish for. Reading for pleasure is a great way to unwind after a long day at school. 

And if you are someone who travels a long way to school on public transport, reading can make the journey much more relaxing and makes the time go faster. Disruptions with your bus or train won’t be so frustrating.


Fabian Amuso

Teacher Librarian