From the Assistant Principal

As you are well aware we are currently waking each day to a world that is constantly changing and that requires us to access our resilience. As we navigate our path through uncertain times it is important to be aware that some members of our community may experience anxiety. The Australian Psychological society reminds us of the impact of the constant media coverage and the need to deal with the facts as they unfold.

In order to support you and your families at this difficult time please find attached are some resources that you may like to  engage with in relation to your self-care or the care of your daughters.

Smiling Mind is an app that has been developed by both psychologists and educators as a tool that encourages mindfulness as well as meditation activities for adults as well as young people. There are numerous academic publications that provide evidence of the positive impact that engaging with this practice has in relation to managing anxiety levels.

Australian Psychological Society

Smiling Mind

Additionally, the following links provide some valuable and advice and resources for those 

  1. The Student Wellbeing Hub includes the Student Wellbeing Framework as well as valuable resources for Educators, Parents and Students.
  2. Beyond Blue provides specific support around ‘Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak’
  3. Headspace also provides support around ‘How to cope with stress related to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)’.
  4. NSW Gov’t Advice to parents and carers on wellbeing and communicating.

During times such as these when we spend more time at home it is more important than ever for parents to be vigilant about their child’s use of technology and in particular social media. Many parents would have heard of Tik Tok, however, have limited knowledge about the app itself. This app was the most downloaded app across the world in 2019 with the large majority of its users ages between 16 and 24. Tik Tok has in excess of 500 million active users throughout the world. In an endeavour to ensure you are familiar with the features of this app I have included here a link to the eSafety commissioners information on Tik Tok, so that parents and carers can ensure they are familiar with the app and can be proactive in ensuring that if their daughters are using the app that it is used safely and responsibly. 



Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal