From the Assistant Principal


Earlier this term 49 members of our teaching staff undertook the Pivot survey with classes across Years 7-11. As a school community we are committed to increasing student voice in the curriculum in an effort to improve the effectiveness of our teaching.  I am pleased to be able to share with you some of our results. There were 89 classes surveyed, with a total of 1930 student responses collected.  Students were asked to complete a 25 question survey using a scale of 1-5. The girls were overwhelmingly positive in their feedback. Of particular note was: 

  • Their recognition of their teachers’ knowledge in relation to their subject. 
  • The acknowledgement that their teachers treat them with respect.
  • That their teachers care about their point of view.
  • That teachers are clear about their expectations in relation to behaviour.

Each teacher who participated in this survey has received individual feedback and shared this feedback with their class or classes and will have identified a focus area for improvement over the coming weeks.



A reminder that as the weather warms up girls are expected to continue to wear their full winter school uniform, this includes wearing their blazers to and from school each day.   

In Term 4 students will return in their summer uniform. Over the coming weeks families are asked to check that that their daughters have all the necessary components of the summer uniform. Many girls will have grown taller over the past 2 terms, please check the length of your daughter’s uniform to ensure that it complies with our College policy as listed on p.19 of the Student Planner. 

This is the ideal time to make an appointment with the College Uniform store.


Tell Them From Me Survey 

Many thanks to all those families who took the time to complete the Tell Them From Me survey, your feedback is greatly appreciated. 


Parish Carpark 

A reminder to parents and students who drive to school that parking in the parish carpark is not permitted at any time, even for a short amount of time. The parish requires access to each of these spaces at various times throughout the day. We appreciate your respectful support of this request. 


Parish parking is for Parishioners only.  Parents, staff and visitors are prohibited from parking in the spaces outside of the College entrance gates.



Friday September 25 is the Staff Spirituality Day. The final day for students in Term 3 is Thursday September 24, the exception to this is Year 11 students who have an exam scheduled for this day. The timetable for these exams has been published to students. 


School Photo Orders

Photos will be sent home on Friday, 4 September.


Study Skills

This month’s focus in the Study Skills handbook produced by Dr Prue Salter is Collaboration. Please see the infographic below for more details. Families are encouraged to make use of this valuable resource. 







Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal