2021 Regional Catholic Schools Debating Competition

Round 3 of the Regional Catholic Schools Debating Competition was hosted by Bethany on Wednesday, 12th of May. The opposing school was Marist Catholic College Penshurst.

Both Miss Stavropoulos and I would like to congratulate of all our debaters on winning across all year groups against Marist Penshurst in Round 3.

Thank you to all our student volunteers for helping with hosting, chairing and time-keeping. Please join us in congratulating all debaters and student volunteers who participated in Round 3 of the competition:

Year 7: Joanne Lewis, Elena Palmer, Kayley Lai, Nicolette Anastasiadis, Sienna Kovacevic and Mya Momiroski

Year 8: Gabrielle Messiha, Eva Nanevski, Harper Bollard, Alexia Yalizis, Mairead McAllister, Mary Nouris, Angelina Aggelo, Larissa Bazgalovski, Valentina Maalouf, Isabella Quilkey and Emma Djundja

Year 9: Stefani Momirovska, Isabella Velickovski, Penny Kalantzis, Natasha Small, Hannah Lewis and Liesl Jukic

Year 10: Grace Smith, Aya Bazzi and Jade Makisis

Seniors: Ayva Palmer, Luna Pandiella-McLeod, Danae Tsapilis



                                  Year 7 and 8 debaters and student volunteers


Shirley Woo and Sophia Stavropoulos