A Message From Our New School Leaders

2020. Wow. Never would we have imagined experiencing the school year that was. Not being able to physically interact with our peers and teachers, attending classes via Zoom, having recess and lunch with friends over FaceTime.

It was a major shift, and despite the challenges, we overcame it. Our separation made us truly recognise how grateful we are to be a part of such a special Bethany community. The Covid-19 disruptions did not stop the student body from excelling, and as we near the end of the year we celebrate the amazing academic and sporting achievements of all the Bethany girls.

Thank you to all the Bethany staff for your genuine motivation, dedication, and enthusiasm during the most challenging year of schooling we have yet encountered. We extend our thanks to our parents and carers for your patience, understanding, and support during the year.

Finally, we must acknowledge and say a huge thank you to the 2020 student leaders who continued to raise the “Bethany spirit”, through engaging in our self-directed learning and ensuring our wellbeing was not compromised.

We hope that next year is closer to “normal”, so that we can enjoy the events we missed out on this year! Very much looking forward to 2021!


Nektaria Rce, Luana Rendina, Priscilla Zanak, and Caitlin Hollis