ADVENT  2019

The word ‘Advent‘ comes from Latin and means “coming;” its purpose is to look forward to the coming of Christ to Earth; it is a season with a  focus on waiting. Advent means something new is coming. The dawn of a new and better era. This is really what the Christmas season is all about, it is the celebration of the ADVENT of a new era. 

Through prayer, we can enter into God’s world and ask Him to prepare our hearts the way He prepared all of history to receive the gift of His Son. 

 An Advent Prayer for Courage

Heavenly Father

Help me to hear your voice.

Touch me once again.

Give me the courage to be your beloved.

Give me courage to choose joy.

I need you now this Christmas.

Be born in me again. 


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,



This weekend 12 pilgrims accompanied by 2 staff will travel to Perth to take part in the Australian Catholic Youth Festival. This will no doubt be  a special time for our staff and students as they immerse with the broader Catholic Church in a celebration of their faith. Through prayer, music, silence, reconciliation, reflection, the Eucharist and Adoration, this time will be sacred as distractions from our every day world become less of a focus. The students will gather as part of our system of schools to represent not just Bethany but the Archdiocese of Sydney. As part of the Festival students will experience seeing parts of Perth and gain a greater understanding of how they can be proud of and continue to celebrate being Catholic amongst thousands of others. From the rest of the Bethany Community, we pray that our pilgrim group stay close in the palm of God’s hands and return to us next week safely.


On December 17, HSC results and ATAR’S will be released. In anticipation of sharing with you the wonderful successes of our HSC cohort and our upcoming academic assemblies next Friday, our final newsletter of the year will be sent to all parents on Wednesday December 18. I look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming awards ceremonies and parent teacher interviews and hope that the final few days of the year for your daughter are pleasurable.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal