Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,



Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads in the Bethany Community including all those who act in a father like capacity. When I talk to various families across the community, it is beautiful to see the special love that a dad has for his daughter. At times, having a teenage daughter may not be easy and fathers may not always feel appreciated. Sometimes your daughter may not have the words to be able to express her love for you but I hope on this special day for you on Sunday, you are reminded of the special gift of fatherhood and feel rejuvenated by a good dose of appreciation. It is with great sadness that we have not been able to have our Father’s Day Mass and breakfast this year. Jesus is the ultimate example of the love a child can have for their father and the extent to which a father can guide and influence. In trying times may we all be reminded of the father/child relationship and the unbreakable bond that then gift of love can be.


Year 12

Year 12 have successfully navigated their way through the HSC Trial Examinations. Across 11 days, Year 12 have undertaken many exams and countless hours of study and preparation. Staff too have ridden the wave of the Trials with students, equally marking scores of practice papers and now finalising their exam marking. I have been most impressed with Year 12, especially the calm, proactive and collaborative approach to which they have undertaken exam preparation.

Please follow us on Facebook and view the Year 12 Textiles and Design Major Projects. These were handed in on Monday and are the culmination of a year’s worth of work. The exceptional standard of these projects exemplifies a class spurring each other on, giving constructive feedback and listening to the advice of their outstanding teacher in Mrs Rowland. Congratulations to the entire Textiles and Design class.

Our HSC Dance and Drama students have now completed the practical component of their courses. These students were well prepared for the HSC examiners and each girl came out extremely proud of their performances. Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) has recognised 4 of our Dance and Drama students as mentioned in the following pages for being accepted into the Archdiocesan Showcase. Across the 40 Secondary schools in SCS, a very limited number  of students have been selected and Bethany in Dance has 2 of only 5 nominations available. This augurs well for their upcoming HSC results.

Year 12 will graduate on Tuesday September 22. Guided by health advice and SCS protocols we will limit the amount of time that Year 12 will be together as a form. If a student was to test positive for COVID-19, a close contact who would need to self isolate for 14 days would be anyone who has been in the same room for 1 hour or more. With the need for safety to prevail, our Graduation ceremony will be livestreamed to Year 12 parents and the whole form ceremony will take place within the 1 hour limit. Over the past few weeks we have designed a Graduation ceremony to maintain many of the Bethany Graduation traditions and a few surprises for the girls. Further information of the livestream will be made available to Year 12 parents in Week 9. The livestream will take the form of small group and whole form ceremonies. For Year 12 parents who may need to organise their work commitments, the livestream will occur from 9.15 until approximately 11.00am. We look forward to you tuning in on your daughter’s special day.


COVID Update

Bethany is a registered COVID Safe school



To register, certain protocols needed to be registered to help ensure that we are doing our best to be a safe and clean school.


This week the Sydney Catholic Colleges Sport Association of which Bethany is part of made the decision to cancel representative sport for Term 4. This is consistent with SCS policy which restricts schools from mixing for planned events and for year groups mixing within a school. Although this is quite disappointing, we are pleased to be able to open up our recreational sport so that from Term 4, all year groups will return to weekly Thursday afternoon sport. We have been able to secure bookings at numerous outdoor venues where Bethany will have exclusive use. Sport in Term 4 will be in Core class groupings. Each Core class will be given a sport and these will rotate after 3 weeks. We have designed a program which gives students some level of variety within COVID constraints and an increased access to numerous sports. These details will be released soon with permission needed from each parent. I thank Mrs Feeney and Mrs Straker for planning many versions of sport this year.


Thank You

On Tuesday we held a Spring themed Mufti Day in lieu of Bethany Day. There was a fun filled spirit across the College with voting on best dressed Spring themed outfits, a whole school zoom and a shared COVID safe picnic style lunch. We are proud to say that $1394 was raised for the Catholic Works Foundation on this day. Thank you to our Year 12 leaders, Mrs Colreavy and Mr Laguzza for being instrumental in creating a fun atmosphere.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal