Dear Parents & Carers,

It is with a sense of great joy I write to you as the ‘Acting Principal’ of Bethany College.  In my role as the Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools, I believe it is critical for system leaders to stay in touch with the reality of the day to day life of our schools.

My week at Bethany has been a most rewarding and insightful experience.  Over the past few days I have met extensively with a range of parent, parish and staff groups, had the pleasure of teaching a number of RE classes and leading a staff spirituality twilight gathering.  In every interaction I have been deeply impressed by the professionalism, the positive school culture and the wonderful learning opportunities that are available to our young women.  The staff at Bethany are outstanding Catholic educators and it is apparent from a close examination of the data that the College is achieving excellent academic results.  I’ve also been impressed by the spiritual culture of the College, the vibrancy of the Catholic ethos and the passion of the girls for social justice and Christian outreach was evident for all to see.

Finally a word about your daughters.  When a visitor enters a new community, they always have a few anxious moments wondering how they will be received.  I can assure you that this ‘visitor’ has experienced a most gracious and warm welcome from your girls.  Their pride in their College, their mature, courteous behavior and their willingness to whole heartedly engage with their learning has been wonderful to encounter.  They truly are a credit to their parents and their school.  Thank you for the opportunity of ‘belonging’ to this special community this week.

(P.S.  Happy Mothers’ Day to all mums next week)


Dr Dan White

Acting Principal