Dear Jesus

We thank you for Mothers everywhere. For all who care for us day by day, let us not forget that you were a child and your mother was Mary. We say thank you for mums across the world and in our country too. Although we may not say it, we think you are the best.So let us give grateful thanks and let our voices be heard for all the Mums and Grans on this very special day. Amen

Hannah Middleton 2005


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

A Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday to all of the significant females in the lives of the Bethany family. Thank you to all of the mums who were able to attend our Mass yesterday, it was indeed a great celebration of Mary and a reminder to our girls of the important relationship that they share with their mum. At this Mass, I encouraged the girls to be thankful for the many tasks both seen and unseen that our mums perform for us and at the same time, the girls were asked to be mindful of the needs of their mothers. It was lovely to share an early morning tea with our Bethany mums.


Sisters of Charity

On Saturday evening I had the privilege of attending the farewell Mass to Sr Edith and Sr Ellen who have left the Hurstville parish to continue their mission in Auburn. This means that there are no longer any Sisters living in the parish. It was delightful to share in this Mass with the Sisters and our College Captain and Vice Captain. The Sisters of Charity began the school which is on the current Hurstville site and we continue to build on the fine education for young women that they began.


Bingo Night

It is not too late to book your table for Bingo Evening on Friday May 18. A huge thank you to the P&F organising committee for this night. The aim of the evening is to build more of a social atmosphere amongst parents whilst having some fun playing bingo. There are many prizes and silent auctions on offer. To date we are grateful for the donations of

  • $1000 King Furniture Voucher
  • Several pillow sets from King Furniture
  • Sydney Swans 2018 signed jersey
  • Leather handbags
  • Various vouchers

Over the next few days we are also hoping to secure jerseys from GWS Giants, St George Dragons and the Cronulla Sharks.

All students are welcome to form a table and come along. Please bring your own nibblies for the table. This is an alcohol free event.

We look forward to seeing you there


Student Online Safety

A reminder to all parents to please check your daughter’s online settings and postings. The expectations of the College are that Bethany should not be mentioned nor photos of students in uniform be posted on their private social media sites. I also encourage parents to chat to your daughters about photos that are posted that may be interpreted by online predators as provocative in nature. Social media can be quite useful for our girls but always within the realm of online safety.


School Email Accounts

All students are asked to check their school email account daily. This is an important form of communication for staff to students. Please remind your daughter to access her emails daily.


DISA Survey

Thank you to the parents who have completed our DISA Survey to help inform us of learning directions over the next few years at Bethany. If you are yet to complete this, please use the following link and select parent survey.



Enrolments Year 7, 2020

Next week we begin the first round of interviews for our Year 7 cohort of 2020. We have been overwhelmed by the quality of applications received. Sometimes information does not get through to the necessary people despite the best intentions. If you are aware of any Year 5 student who wishes to attend Bethany in 2020, please ask them to make contact with the College. Our staff are looking forward to meeting our new Bethany families next week.



Next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the Literacy and Numeracy tests will be sat by all students in Year 7 and 9. The purpose of the testing is to diagnose growth in each individual students literacy and numeracy skills. At Bethany we use the data to inform our teaching and to identify any students who require any extra support to catch up to the relevant standards and to develop programs to assist them. Students will sit the exams in homeroom groups and will complete the tests on paper with pencil and not using a laptop. Students should have an eraser, HB lead pencil and their maths calculator for the testing. Any student absences on these days should be covered by a doctor’s certificate and the testing is compulsory. The schedule for the paper testing is set out below and I wish all the students in Year 7 and 9 every success in completing the NAPLAN tests.

Mr Gregg Conroy, Leader of Learning


Robyn Rodwell