Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

This week is Refugee Week and the 2018 theme is “With Refugees”. At assembly yesterday, students were encouraged to think about how it must feel for people to be persecuted to the extent that they feel that they need to flee the country because of their beliefs, religion or for political reasons.

Message from his Holiness Pope Francis

“Dear refugees, You have a special place in the heart of the Church, and you help her to enlarge her heart and to manifest her motherhood towards the entire human family. Do not lose your faith and hope! Let us think of the Holy Family during the flight in Egypt: Just as the maternal heart of the Blessed Virgin and the kind heart of Saint Joseph kept alive the confidence that God would never abandon them, so in you may the same hope in the Lord never be wanting. I entrust you to their protection and I cordially impart to all of you my Apostolic Blessing….” Pope Francis

Today we pray for refugees who are forced  to leave their homes and loved ones to  lead a safer life and guide them on the  process.

  • For refugees who are separated from their families, keep them and guide them towards eventual reunification with their loved ones.
  • For  children  and young  people who are  forced to leave their  homes, provide caring adults  around them and unite the international community  to work for  the care and protection  of these young ones.
  • For  the Church,  give us strength  and courage to continue  to offer  a dignified  welcome to those  new to our country  and to recognise your  face in those we welcome.    


Staff Update

As of Monday, Mrs Russo will be on Long Service Leave and will return next term. We wish Mrs Russo safe travels as she takes a well earned break. Mr Conroy will replace Mrs Russo as the Acting Assistant Principal during this time. Mrs Matthews will join the Leadership team across some weeks between now and Term 4 when Mr Conroy is on leave. We also congratulate Mrs Smit and Mr David Martin who have been appointed as Acting HSIE and Acting Assistant HSIE Coordinators respectively across the time when Mr Conroy is on leave from his position.

Contract Renewal for Assistant Principal

Next term, Mrs Russo will undertake her contract renewal as required by Sydney Catholic Schools. In the coming weeks you will receive an email in the form of a survey asking you to give feedback as part of this process. I strongly encourage every family to complete this survey as we value your feedback. Further information about this process is outlined in the letter from Sydney Catholic Schools towards the back of this newsletter.

Student Voice Across the College

I have been very impressed with the suggestions brought forward recently by our SRC. These include literacy workshops for Year 7, cleanliness across the school, expediency of the microwave lines at lunch, building house spirit, environmental and outreach issues and bullying. All students have completed a bullying survey with Year 10 to complete theirs early Term 3. This is another way that students can voice issues real to their experience. We are currently analysing the results of these surveys for future action and planning towards what can be achieved with all of the above suggestions.


On July 4 and 5, parent/student/teacher interviews will be held. These interviews are an important way that parents can show support both to your daughter and to the school in terms of working in partnership for the best outcomes for your daughter. The feedback given at interviews build on the feedback already given to students each day in class and what is written in reports which can be collected at these interviews. Such feedback should not be a surprise to your daughter. A good conversation to have prior to these interviews is for your daughter to tell you what each teacher might say to you during the interviews. Reports are not about a grade, they give an indication of student progress and the interviews give more precise details on how students can improve, backed up with practical strategies. Please make your Sentral bookings when the portal opens next week.



Robyn Rodwell

College Principal