Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Next week begins NAIDOC week where this year the theme is “Because of Her We Can”. Such a theme celebrates women in every aspect of Indigenous culture from the politicians and teachers to the mothers and elders. It is a week to truly devote our thoughts and prayers to the significance of Indigenous people to our country and to especially highlight women in helping to advocate for equality within our shores.

Prayer of the Aboriginal People Father of all, you gave us the Dreaming You have spoken to us through our beliefs You then made your love clear to us in the person of Jesus We thank you for your care You own us You are our hope Make us strong as we face the problems of change We ask you to help the people of Australia to listen to us and respect our culture Make the knowledge of you grow strong in all people So that you can be at home in us and we can make a home for everyone in our land. Amen.

Prayer composed for the meeting between Pope John Paul II and the Aboriginal people.


Academic Success

Over the past week I have read all reports from Years 7 – 11 and what has been a common thread across each year group is the effort that students have gone to perform at their best in the classroom and the learning provided by staff to facilitate growth. Of particular note are the students listed below. These students have received a gold sticker on their reports which are Principal’s Awards and they recognise excellence in effort and achievement. I encourage all students to reflect on the feedback offered on reports and at parent teacher interviews to set new learning goals for Semester 2.

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 7

Angelene Angelis Jasmine Bates Eleanor Booth
Mali Boyd Siena Busdon Angelina Buzas 
Emilie De Sousa Sophia Deben Gabriella Del Castillo
Sienna De Mare Josie Diamant Piper Finnegan
Bethany Galea Eva Gouramanis

Leah Gouramanis

Chloe Grace Kiara Griffiths

Jessica Hristov

Montana Ilievski Lorena Jeff

Tameeka Johnson

Portia Josephakis Jacinta Kumcevski

Jane Le

Janette Le Savannah Mijovski

Janna Mobellan

Chrystal Newcombe Sarah Pilla

Tea Psiroukis

Margaret Sarmiento Grace Smith

Georgis Soulemezis

Lara Squillaci Katerina Stojovski

Gabrielle Talite 

Gisele Valdez Katherine Varoufis


Year 8

Sarah Chapman Lemoni De Silva Isabelle Diaz
Christa Dracopoulos Darah El Sawi Yasmin Hijazi
Alana Hlorotiris Linh Huynh Ma Jugueta
Jamie Kalimtzis Diya Lijo Isabella Lutovski
Eloise Martelletti Rachel Messiha Luna Pandiella-McLeod
Tyana Petrevski Julliana Ayn Pineda Henriette Savilla
Kate Soussa Jorja Stamoulis Tayla Stenta
Rachel Tannous Eva Tresoglavic Maddison Underhill

Year 9

Abbey Bull Laura Carrabs Claudia Ceballos
Chelsea Cibalevski Jennessa Fong Caitlin Hollis
Fotini Koutsodimas Giada Lazazzara Jade Lozanovski
Elizabeth Mabbutt Sophia McDonnell Kelly Nguyen
Mia Palmer Natasha Petrov Bianca Pilla
Luana Rendina Ashley Semsarian Charlotte Uglow

Year 10

Shae Acevski Leanne Algama Isabella-Jade Awad
Lingge Bai Zoe Ball Abby Bennett
Sienna Bosworth-Gonzaga Georgina Bray Alessia Colagiuri
Selina Colagiuri Zoe Collins Sophie Cook
Monique Cost-Chretien Esabella De Los Reyes Anika Desphande
Sophie Gallagher Abby Gillon-Smith Alice Gleeson
Jolly Grace Chantelle Guevara Alyssa Gurung
Mine Hakeem Alexandra Hammer Hannah Hicks
Tara Kapila Gabriella Krstevski Georgia Marks
Juliette Newberry Serena Pham Chrystal Ruz
Maddison Stojanovski    

Year 11

Justina Alabasinis Natasha Ballis Lara Carlucci
Olivia Di Costanza Eve Fernando Louisa Leone
Julia Lo Russo Miriam Mackeen Anna Pemberton
Grace Steriovski    


Staff Development Day

On Friday July 6, the staff will devote the day to further immersing in the wellbeing needs of girls at our staff development day. The focus of the day is Mental Health and Wellbeing where we will be guided by members of the Eastern Region Wellbeing Team and then enter into sessions of choice in regards to anxiety and depression, body image, safe use of social media, non suicidal self injury and social and emotional regulation. Whilst as educators we are by no means experts in the field of mental health, we are guided by research in how best to advise students who may present themselves to us on what might be their next best avenue to gain help. As this is an ever evolving topic, I also encourage parents to come to our next P&F meeting on August 6 at 7.00pm where our College Counsellor will speak to parents on how best to deal with daughters who may be experiencing concerns about their mental health. This is a talk not to be missed.


Student Attendance

The recent change in weather and end of term weariness have seen students possibly take days off school when really they have been well enough to attend. There is a very clear link between be involved in school activities, attending school and mixing with friends and academic success. No matter how hard your daughter may try to convince you that it is only one day that she wants to stay home for, I urge each parent to consider attendance patterns for every appointment that needs to be made and every family holiday and every event such as our recent Athletics Carnival. The College takes great pride in tracking student attendance and following up on areas of concern whether it be whole day absence or lateness to school.

As we move to the close of this first semester, I pray that all students and their families remain safe over the holiday period and that time is taken to recharge and reassess  individual goals. I thank you for your support over the first half of the year and the staff for their tireless efforts and look forward to joining as a community again at the beginning of Term 3.

Have a happy holiday.



Robyn Rodwell

College Principal