“See A Need And Do Something About It”

Mary MacKillop


Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

This coming Wednesday is the feast of St. Mary of the Cross, Australia’s first saint. Mary was a person of great faith who trusted God to care for her and provide for her. She was a person of action who, when she saw a need, did something about it. We are called to be like Mary, to be people of hospitality and welcome, to be people of action. From Scripture, the Bethany story is one of welcome and hospitality by Martha and Mary, how fitting it is that St Mary of the Cross MacKillop upheld these same qualities. This week as we honour the Sisters of St Joseph, one of our founding charisms, we are reminded of those around us and how easy it may be to sacrifice some time, money, possessions or skills to help someone in need. The homeless, poor and sick may be obvious examples of helping someone in need but who in our Bethany community may be in need? I encourage all students to have an awareness of other and to be women of action for the vulnerable as this is the real mission of Christ and in turn Mary MacKillop.


Annual Report

The 2017 Annual School Report to the Community is now available on the school’s website and at the College reception. The Annual Report is a requirement of Sydney Catholic Schools which describes key aspects of our College and is evidence of the remarkable journey of Bethany’s growth. I encourage parents to read this report.


Year 12

Best wishes to Year 12 who begin their Trial HSC Exams on Monday. These exams are the final assessments for students before the HSC Examinations in October. The girls whilst nervous, have been well prepared by their teachers and we have been pleased with the approach that they have taken to ready themselves for each exam. The staff look forward to seeing the results for each girl. I would like to thank the staff for the holiday workshops that were offered to Year 12 during the holidays, and for the numerous practice papers marked in recent weeks.


Academic Awards

Thank you to those parents who were able to support their daughter by attending the Academic Awards ceremony last Friday. It was a celebration of the talents of our Performing Arts students and the academic pursuits of individual students who have excelled during Semester 1. All students were challenged to find what they do best and to set goals around performing at their best and to use the quality education offered at Bethany to keep growing.



Staff News

Welcome back to Bethany to Mrs Enza Criniti and Mrs Laura Rizzo, both of whom have returned from maternity leave. These 2 staff members have returned in a job share capacity across the LOTE and RE Departments.




Robyn Rodwell