Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was a holy day of obligation celebrated last Wednesday. The celebration of Mary’s Assumption celebrates the dignity of every human being’s bodily presence and history.

Mary, Mother, Disciple

God worked marvels in your life,

God works marvels in our life.

Mary, Blessed Mary,

Show us God’s presence and action in our day.

Pregnant with newness, with God’s smiling grace,

Hail Mary, show us the way!

Queen of heaven and earth,

Guide us as we wander through life’s ups and downs.

We claim your care, and live in hope, not despair,

for this is what you taught us when you lived through your Son’s

suffering, death and resurrection.


Patricia Thomas


Year 11 Retreat

Year 11 have just spent the last 3 days on Retreat across 3 beautiful venues. Our senior retreats are special times for our girls and provide some significant respite from the pressures of school, demands of technology and overall busyness of life in general. The program called on students to reflect on Jesus as a leader as well as the servant Jesus and then to relate these stories to their own experience as leaders or followers. Trust games, teamwork, meditation, prayer and creative outlets were key parts of our retreat program. Mrs Russo and I had the pleasure of visiting some of the venues and it was a privilege to share in such a special time with Year 11. As we know Year 11 has experienced some deep sadness earlier this year and the retreat experience has helped this year group to further work together and relate to others like they have not before. I thank the 16 staff who willingly gave of their time to provide such a life changing and memorable experience for our girls.


Year 12 Trial HSC Exams

Year 12 have entered into their exams with remarkable focus. Trial HSC exams are held to provide an experience similar to the HSC in terms of length of exams and testing whole course content. There is much more to learn from these exams than just the mark that will be received. Students will be asked to reflect on how they prepared for each exam, what improvement still needs to occur in the coming months and what are the strategies to reach further improvement. No matter what individual result your daughter receives, Trial HSC exams are part of the internal assessment program which helps to form half of the eventual HSC mark. Students are not expected to be getting marks that reflect their final mark as there is still over 10 weeks of study and learning to come. Whilst the girls may feel like their marks define them, please encourage your daughter to reflect on what they did well in the exams and what they will do about areas of improvement. All members of staff are available to advise students about their results. If your daughter does not have a clear vision of what next year brings for her, please encourage her to make an appointment with our Careers Advisor Mrs Vrahnos.


Digital Down Time

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of spending the day at Randwick Racecourse surrounded by all of the Principals, REC’s, Family Educators and Priests across the Eastern Region. One of the keynote speakers was Stephen Said who is the Head of Wellbeing and Pastoral Care at Sydney Catholic Schools. During his address Stephen outlined the differences in each generation and for our generation Z people who are aged from 6 – 23 years of age a focus was on them being the digital generation and impressed on us the need to educate about digital down time. Some questions which are worthy of discussion with your daughter are

  • How much of our leisure time do we spend away from our devices?
  • Where are devices kept during sleep time?
  • If I am without my device, how do I feel?
  • Am I using technology wisely?
  • What am I missing out on by over use of my devices?
  • Do I use school work as an excuse to use a computer?
  • Are parents aware of social media usage?
  • How is my daughter portraying herself on social media especially in terms of photos posted?
  • Is there a balance of family time to talk, exercise, school work and other hobbies and social media or device usage?

Please try to monitor your daughter’s device usage and insist on the need for a decent sleep away from devices and the need to be totally away from technology each day as a way to promote positive wellbeing.


Visual Arts & Design Showcase

Do not miss this event this coming Wednesday night at 6pm. Students from every year group will have their work on display. This evening is a celebration of the creative talents of our students. A highlight will be the Year 12 Bodies of Work and Textiles projects.



Robyn Rodwell