Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Lord, as we discern the meaning of our call to servant leadership, help us recognize the ways you seek to minister through our lives. Inspired by the knowledge of your abiding presence, may we have the courage to reach out and support one another, to stand firm in what is true, to decrease when others should increase, and to lead with vision and compassion, as faithful followers of Jesus, your Son.

2019 Student Leaders



College Captain: Alexis Maalouf

College Vice Captain: Claudia Bonacci

Religious Education and Mission: Cassandra Manning

Sport Captain: India Mix

SRC: Jodie Tse (7)

SRC: Alana Jones (8)

SRC: Luisa Leone (9)

SRC: Julia Lo Russo (10)

SRC: Eve Hudson (11)

SRC: Sienna Dal Bianco (12)

House Captain: Moya Denford (Oodgeroo)

House Captain: Lucy Conway (Franklin)

House Captain: Jasmine Garrison (Melba)

House Captain: Anastasia Kountourogianis (Kellerman)


Creative Arts:

Carina Cunha

Debating/Public Speaking:   

Brooke Salisbury


Sofia Aranega

Design and Technology:

Angela Bersinic


Emily Licovski


Thalia Tsapilis


Olivia Di Costanzo

Languages and Culture:

Valentina Triulcio


Eve Fernando

Performing Arts:

Ellie Shaw


Konstantina Harellis

Social Justice:

Alexandra Keedle-Ortiz


Eliza Rosenberg


Last week we had the privilege of inducting our 2018/2019 student leaders at our first leaders commissioning Mass held at St Michael’s. I thank Fr Janusz for celebrating the Eucharist with us. At this Mass, students were reminded that leadership at any level is a role of service with Jesus as the centre. Inspired by Jesus as our role model, our student leaders were motivated to act as the hands, heart and head of Jesus. Such an example can come alive in the Bethany context by our leaders encouraging students to stand up for one another if they see a girl treated unfairly, if they witness bullying, if they wish to express a view that is not part of the popular majority. I wish the student leaders well in the year ahead and I look forward to working with them to further consolidate and strengthen student voice across the College.


Newman Writing Project

It was with great delight and pride that our Yr 10 Newman students hosted many of our feeder primary students in Years 5 and 6 for a joint initiative in the form of a Creative Writing Project. This project has been organised with the support of the Sydney Catholic Schools Eastern Region Office to allow both primary and secondary to come together to collaborate.  For both sets of students it is an opportunity to enhance their writing, editing and analytical skills. Special thanks to Mrs Russo, Mrs Smit, Ms Field and Miss Taouk for their work in making this project come to fruition. We look forward to the creative writing stories that our primary feeder students produce for our Newman showcase afternoon in December.


Parents and Friends Meeting

On Monday at 7pm we have our final P&F Meeting of the year. Please come along to the Library at 7pm. At this meeting, we have Mrs Chisari as a guest speaker, who will guide parents through the latest cyber issues facing teenage girls and offer strategies on how to best parent in the cyber world. This is a meeting that is not to be missed in the struggle of dealing with teenagers and their devices. Our meetings only last for 1 hour. I look forward to seeing you there.


Year 7, 2019 Orientation Day

A reminder that all students joining the Bethany Community next year in Year 7 will be on site on November 14 for Orientation Day.



Robyn Rodwell