Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

It is difficult to not see the increasing influence of American holidays on our society. The media is increasingly broadcasting TV shows with a theme of Thanksgiving, supermarkets advertising food for Thanksgiving meals and many sales for Black Friday which is the biggest shopping day in the world and is the day after Thanksgiving. If we place to one side the media focus and truly reflect on Thanksgiving which is currently being celebrated in the USA, we will notice what a simple and significant message this holiday represents…..that of giving thanks to what we do have rather than highlighting what we aspire to possess. We have so much to be grateful for in this life. Each and every day. But reality is that sometimes constant life demands, struggles, and worries give more room to defeat than to a heart of thanks. Or we forget, in the midst of busyness and pressures, just to pause and give thanks, for all that God has done, and continues to do in our lives.With this message in mind, and as we look towards our last few weeks together as the 2018 community, I offer up a prayer of thanks to each student, parent, staff member and families for your help and dedication to each Bethany girl. We have a vibrant community where the girls are happy and feel valued. What more can we be thankful for.

Performing Arts

It was such a privilege to watch all of our Music students involved in the peripatetic program perform on Monday evening. Watching our girls nervous as they walked on to perform, overcoming anxiety and witnessing performances which involved so many hours of rehearsal was a joy. I thank Mrs Moroney for her leadership of this program, all of our peripatetic teachers, our students, parents who have supported the program and Mr Bernardo, Mrs Ball, Ms Sukkar, our prac students, Performing Arts Prefect Ellie Shaw and backstage crew for making the evening not just entertaining, but a great success.

Bethany comes to NIDA next Thursday evening for the 2018 Performing Arts Showcase Evening. This night is a culmination of all of the work which has occurred across the Performing Arts classes of Dance, Drama and Music as well as our co curricular program. Please purchase tickets as per previous information sent out to you. A concert not to be missed. See you there.


Over the remaining few weeks, I encourage all parents to remind their daughters of the importance of learning. We do not learn at school just for the sake of assessment. It is easy to be tricked into thinking that if student reports have been written then the year is over. Some of the best learning can happen when there is no pressure to perform for an assessment and where authentic learning activities are prevalent. We have a published last day for students and we are expecting high levels of attendance until the very last day. Please support us in this.

Student Leadership
Last Friday the 2019 student leadership team spent the day planning for the year ahead. As a team we celebrated what is going well at Bethany and identified what we wanted to focus on in 2019. Each leader spent time developing goals for their portfolio and this was critiqued by other leaders. We are developing a calendar for student leadership and look forward to sharing our plans for the year ahead soon.


Robyn Rodwell