Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Last Sunday we began the season of Advent. Advent signals the waiting period of Christ being born but in a really practical way, what else are we waiting for? Advertisements on TV tell us that we are waiting for Christmas which symbolises lots of food and the receiving of gifts. As Christians we know that the real message should be the waiting for something more special such as quality time to spend with family, thoughts about others, not just ourselves and most importantly time to reflect on where we sit with our God. With birth comes joy and hope and the Christmas message continues to be that which reminds us to be hopeful or positive about our future and joyful about what we have and where we are.

Dear Jesus,

You are the hope in our messy world. This Advent, help us slow down, listen to your voice, and focus on what’s really important.

We place our hope in you as we prepare our hearts to celebrate your birth at Christmas.




In the last fortnight it has been impressive to see a variety of students talents on display.

Our Year 10 Newman students have been brilliant in mentoring talented writers from our Primary feeder schools in a creative writing program. The connection between both primary and secondary students has been wonderful to watch and we look forward to the Newman Showcase this Tuesday afternoon from 4pm to hear some of the stories that have been written.

Our Performing Arts students had the marvellous opportunity to perform at NIDA last week. Our Showcase highlighted students from extra curricular dance, Stage 5 and 6 Dance, Drama and and all levels of Music. The professionalism of our girls both on stage and back stage was a real credit to their commitment in developing in the Performing Arts.

Yesterday, the Year 10 History Debaters were in the Grand Final of the History Debating Competition. This competition runs all year and has teams from government, selective, private and systemic schools involved. In a very close debate where the panel’s decision was split, deliberation occurred for over 30 minutes with the eventual winner being North Sydney Girls Selective High School. It was a pleasure to hear the girls debate with passion and to see the amount of research collected in readiness for this debate. It was an outstanding feat to make it through to the Grand Final.

The above few programs are a snapshot of the last fortnight. I would like to thank the many, many staff who have been involved in preparing the girls for these events, for their extra time, care and most of all for the confidence that they instill in the girls to believe that they can absolutely reach their best.



Robyn Rodwell

College Principal