Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for see – I am bringing you good news of great joy for all people: to you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is the Messiah, the Lord.”

Luke 2:10-11

This Sunday is the last Sunday before Christmas, the Gospel reading prepares us to witness Christ’s birth by showing us how Jesus was recognised as Israel’s long-awaited Messiah even before his birth. The Gospel turns our attention from the ministry of John the Baptist to the events that preceded John the Baptist’s birth.

The Gospel reading recalls Mary’s actions after the announcement of Jesus’ birth by the angel Gabriel. Mary goes to visit Elizabeth, her cousin, who is also with child. Elizabeth greets Mary with full recognition of the roles that they and their unborn children will play in God’s plan for salvation.

In Luke’s Gospel the Holy Spirit helps reveal Jesus’ identity as God to those who believe. Elizabeth is filled with the Holy Spirit and sings Mary’s praise because she bears the Lord. We sing these words of praise to Mary in the Hail Mary. Even John the Baptist, the unborn child in Elizabeth’s womb, is said to recognize the presence of the Lord and leaps for joy.

It is appropriate in this season of Advent that we consider the role of Mary in God’s plan of salvation. Elizabeth describes Mary as the first disciple, as the one who believed that God’s word to her would be fulfilled. Mary’s faith enabled her to recognise the work of God in her people’s history and in her own life. Her openness to God allowed God to work through her so that salvation might come to everyone. Because of this, Mary is a model and symbol of the Church. May we be like Mary, open and cooperative in God’s plan for salvation.


As we bid farewell to 2018, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all parents for your support of our College this year. It would be fair to say that we have lived by the Vision “Together We Grow”. At our Academic Assemblies last week, I spoke to all of those in attendance about the growth that has taken place in the College this year and asked students to reflect on their individual growth. It is important that students are surrounded with a healthy self esteem and the knowledge that there is always something that we can proud of upon reflection. To some students growth may have meant finally understanding a concept or topic, having the courage to form new relationships or achieving a goal set earlier in the year. We have had a year of great sorrow with the loss of one of our students and know that privately, many families may be grieving the loss of loved ones, yet as a community, we have formed deeper relationships and forged ahead. I particularly acknowledge those students from Years 7 – 11 who received a Principal’s Award on their reports reflecting their consistent and outstanding achievements throughout Semester Two. These students are listed at the end of this article.

I would like to acknowledge the staff of Bethany from teaching through to support staff for their every day care and concern for our girls. It was a wonderful affirmation for staff last week when our outstanding HSC results were released. These results were the culmination of 6 years of teaching our Year 12 cohort together with a solid and strategic professional development plan for all staff. Our Year 12 cohort gathered for the final time last Friday for morning tea and were congratulated on their efforts and work ethic. The next stage for some of these girls is waiting on the University placements early in 2019.

Earlier this week we communicated to you our special edition HSC results newsletter. From this I would like to highlight the solid performances which built on the success of 2017. We were delighted to see further improvement in our results in 2018. Bethany College for the second consecutive year is in the top 100 schools in NSW. We are 1 of 3 Sydney Catholic Schools to maintain this position. 3 of the Mathematics results were perfect scores in the HSC and 12 of our Year 11 students successfully completed their accelerated Mathematics and Extension 1 Mathematics courses. We had 3 girls achieve a place in the State, 5 students achieve first place across Sydney Catholic Schools and are 1 of the the top 5 schools in terms of results across the system. It has been wonderful to see the consolidation of learning across the College and it is a great success story for our future HSC students to witness.

The end of the year is also met with changes for the year ahead and I wish to thank those permanent staff who are leaving Bethany this week.

Mrs Russo – Appointed to Assistant Principal at Clancy Catholic College

Mrs Symes – Retiring

Mrs Fleming – Retiring

Mr Symes our Groundsperson – Retiring

Mr Bernardo – Moving interstate

Mr Guthrie – Moving to the Far North Coast

Miss Taouk – Moving to Clancy Catholic College for a promotional position

Miss Grimm – Moving to St Ursula’s for a promotional position


Thanks also go to the following staff who were on temporary contracts for 2019 only

Mr Anthony Slaven

Mrs Elaine Miers

Miss Laura Fing

Miss Amelia Beckett

Miss Kirsty Soles

Miss Emma Clifton

Miss Voula Simos

Miss Lee Ann Kervin

Miss Ashleigh Munsie

Mrs Gabi Ball


We also farewell Miss Anne Sukkar for one year as she is seconded to a promotional position at St Ursula’s.

Special thanks to Mrs Russo who has been an outstanding Assistant Principal for a number of years. Mrs Russo has encountered the stories of many families, maintained consistent procedures across the College and excelled as a teacher in the classroom. I personally thank Mrs Russo for be of great assistance in my first year at the College and wish her every success as she ventures into another Assistant Principal experience.

As the Christmas season is near I wish each staff member, student and family a happy and holy Christmas and best wishes for the year ahead. I trust that you will have a restful holiday and return to the College next year eager to further grow.

Merry Christmas


Principal’s Awards Years 7 – 11

Year 7   Year 8
Angelene Angelis Sarah Chapman
Jasmine Bates Erika Daubaras
Mali Boyd Isabella Diaz
Siena Busdon Leah El-Asmar
Emelie De Sousa Violet Gruppelaar
Gabriella Del Castillo Yasmin Hijazi
Jayla Farrow Alana Hlorotiris
Brissa Gallo Linh Huynh
Leah Gouramanis Ma Jugueta
Eva Gouramanis Gabriela Kursar
Kiara Griffiths Eloise Martelletti
Jessica Hristov Jessy Lee Moussallem
Montana Ilievski Luna Pandiella-McLeod
Loreena Jeff Alyssa Parrottino
Tameeka Johnson Tyana Petrevski
Billie Jolly Alexandra Policarpio
Portia Josephakis Isabel Santillana
Analiese Koskinas Kate Soussa
 Jacinta Kumcevski Jorja Stamoulis
Janette Le Erini Stavroulakis
Jane Le Taylah Stenta
Chrystal Newcombe Rachel Tannous
Sahra Parrottino Alexandra Toshack
Tea Psiroukis Eva Tresoglavic
Marianne Sarmiento Maddison Underhill
Grace Smith  
Georgia Soulemezis  
Lara Squillaci Year 10
Katerina Stojkovski Shae Acevski
Leilani Vittorio Isabella – Jade Awad
  Zoe Ball
  Sienna Bosworth-Gonzaga
Year 9 Sophie Cook
Caitlin Hollis Esabella De Los Reyes
Laura Carrabs Gabriella Krstevski
Jade Lozanovski Serena Pham
Elizabeth Mabbutt Leanne Algama
Kelly Nguyen Monique Cost-Chretien
Mikayla Savignano Chantelle Guevara
Jennessa Fong Georgia Marks
Fotini Koutsodimas Chrystal Ruz
Sienna Williams Alessia Colagiuri
Claudia Ceballos Selina Colagiuri
Anna Giannopoulos Maxine Hakeem
Luana Rendina Grace O’Keefe
Sophia McDonnell Isabella Staninovska
Elly Vazouras Abby Bennett
Mia Palmer Claudia Vucic
Corina Choy Natalie Lombardi
Stephanie Boskovski  
Giada Lazazzara  
Year 11  
Grace Steriovski  
Julia Lo Russo  
Louisa Leone  
Alexandra Keedle Ortiz  
Ella Hankinson  
Eve Fernando  
Olivia Di Costanza  
Carina Cunha  
Sofia Aranega  


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal