Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


Welcome to 2019. The staff and students have started at the College refreshed and eager for the challenges that the year brings.

The Sydney Catholic Schools theme for the year is “I am the servant of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to thy word”  Luke 1: 38. The action is “serve with joy”. How can we in our everyday lives serve with joy? In our faith tradition we can serve with joy by firstly acknowledging the presence of God in our lives and being thankful for all of His creations. After we see the everydayness of God in our lives, we can serve with joy by maximising the potential that God has given us. As we begin 2019, we ask that students are encouraged to never lose sight of God in their efforts and to see Him in their relationships with others, to be thankful to Him for our personal gifts and for those we are supported by in those around us and for the beauty which permeates from His presence. May the Bethany Community work together this year to serve with joy.

It is wonderful to return to the 2019 school year. Our Year 7 students have made a magnificent start to secondary schooling and I thank all Year 7 parents for your support by attending the recent Parent Welcome Evening and Mass. This year Bethany has an enrolment of 1042 students and is at its largest ever enrolment. We have been fortunate to welcome to our community new students across Years 8 – 11.

Also new to the College this year are several new staff. We are privileged to have been able to secure such fine educators and support staff.

Mrs Jodie Hughes – Assistant Principal

Mr Dorian Kipriotis – Leader of Teaching

Ms Sylvia Eldahaby – Year 10 Coordinator

Mr Michael Peck – Assistant Science Coordinator

Ms Alix Stirling – Assistant English Coordinator

Ms Lana Kelly – English, EAL/D

Mrs Sara Camporeale – RE

Mrs Chiara Pascuzzo – Music

Mrs Loretta Iffland – Drama, English

Mrs Michelle Schneider – Science

Mrs Tracy Davenport – HSIE

Mrs Chloe Pizzuti – HSIE, RE

Mrs Ann Pedic – TAS Assistant

Mrs Anne Plowman – Teacher Librarian

Miss Deanna Dimanoski – Visual Arts


We also welcome back to the College:

Miss Ashleigh Munsie – PDHPE

Mrs Lynne Taylor – Maths

Mrs Mary Matthews as Leader of Wellbeing

Mrs Adrianna Coleman – TAS


2019 FOCUS

This year via our Annual Improvement Plan, we have a few areas which will be a significant focus:

Staff Professional Development will concentrate on literacy strategies and in particular, strategies for EAL/D students to deepen the use of vocabulary for academic language.

Strengthening the voice of students by helping to further empower student leaders.

Evaluating subject offerings and timetable structures.

Introducing Compass as a student management system.

Undertaking Inquiry and Review to help inform future directions of the College.

It is anticipated that by the end of the year, substantial progress will be made in the above areas and I look forward to keeping you up to date on our progress.



At the beginning of Term 2, our College will undertake Inquiry and Review which is a Sydney Catholic Schools initiative to monitor and review schools. In preparation for this process, all staff, students and parents will be surveyed. Further details about this survey will be forwarded to you in the coming weeks.



We are looking for parents who would like to submit their names to be on the College Finance Committee. There is no experience necessary for this. The committee acts as an advisory group to help inform the financial directions of the College. Commitments for this committee would be 1 meeting per term for 1 hour. This meeting would occur during the school day. Please email the College if you would like to put your name forward. Other members of the committee include Fr Janusz, our Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager, Assistant Principal and myself.



Bethany Open Day is fast approaching on Tuesday March 5. The College will be open to the public between 3 and 6pm. We are currently enrolling for Year 7, 2021. Any student who is in Year 4 or 5 is encouraged to come to this evening with their parents and see our College in action. We ask that if any parent is available to help as a volunteer on the BBQ from 1pm and anywhere up to 6pm to please contact the College. SPREAD THE WORD TO LOCAL PRIMARY STUDENTS.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal