Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


On Tuesday we celebrate the Feast of St Joseph. St. Joseph was the foster-father of Jesus and lived a life of great humility and devotion to his Holy Family as a carpenter.

Matthew’s gospel describes him as a “just man” (1:19). He is the patron saint of the Universal Church, and people invoke his aid for workers, families, home buyers and sellers, and the grace of a happy death, among other things. St. Thomas Aquinas once noted that St. Joseph is unique among patron saints in that he is able to assist us at anytime for anything.


Open Day

Thank you to the hundreds of students, parents and staff who helped to support our Open Day through your generosity of time and knowledge of the school. We had more than 1000 visitors through our gates seeing the talents of current Bethany students in terms of their work samples, cooking and creative abilities, artwork, dance, drama and musical talents and public speaking prowess. A wonderful atmosphere was created by the tour guides, bbq servers and student leaders who showed our College at its welcoming best.



We are currently enrolling for Yr 7, 2021. Fully completed applications are due to our College by April 5, 2019.


Infectious Illnesses

We wish to advise all parents that we currently have a student in Year 9 who is receiving medical treatment for cancer. This student will be attending school on some occasions whilst undergoing treatment.

As a consequence of the treatment, this student’s ongoing health is at risk if she comes into contact with infectious illnesses, in particular: chicken pox, measles, mumps, whooping cough or shingles. If your daughter is suspected of having one of these illnesses, it is very important that she does not attend school until she is no longer contagious. Please also notify the school if your daughter is suffering from one of the mentioned illnesses or even if she is suspected of. This is vital so that we can assess contact and exposure to our Year 9 student for infectious illnesses. Such a notification will then be passed on to her parents and medical specialists.

As a school community we value your support in relation to the wellbeing of all of our students. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information or go to www.health.gov.au


Academic Rigour

As we move into the second half of the term, all students would be well and truly immersed in their set pattern of study. At times, students may feel on top of their workload and other times, a little overwhelmed. Organisation and planning in regards to assessment schedules is vital. We ask that parents check in regularly with your daughter not just on due dates, but on progress and check in times of the plan of when parts of study or parts of an assignment are going to be completed. This can help to alleviate an entire project being finished, if it is broken down into parts and if check mark due dates which students can set for themselves can be achieved. No student should be coming home saying that they do not have homework, study or assessment reviewing or planning to do. Having a routine each night dedicated to chipping away at homework or assessments, puts students in good stead to feeling more confident and capable to achieve at their best. Please contact the College if you feel that your daughter needs further direction in effective home study and organisation routines.



Robyn Rodwell