Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


November is the month that we especially pray for the souls of all of those loved ones who have moved on to God’s house. This month in our Church asks us to concentrate through pray in praying for all departed souls, particularly those who have passed away in the last year. Bethany is a large community not just consisting of 1040 students and 115 staff, but hundreds of family members associated with each girl and staff member. Unfortunately, the sadness of death has touched many in our community this year.  We pray as one for the repose of the souls of our loved ones who have gone before us and reinforce amongst our community the importance of faith to those who grieve and strength in community. May all those dear in our hearts, Rest in Peace.



This coming Monday sees the last of the HSC Exams for Year 12. This cohort should be congratulated on the sense of calm and confidence in which they have approached each exam. It is a testament to their workload and focus that they approached each exam with increased confidence and many of them are already enjoying some well earned holiday time. Year 12 will have their final ceremony with the College at their formal on Thursday evening. We wait with great anticipation on their results mid December.



Congratulations to the following girls for receiving a Principal’s Award for their Semester 2 results:

  • Georgia Marks
  • Sophia Gallagher
  • Georgina Bray
  • Alessia Colagiuri
  • Monique Cost-Chretien
  • Shae Acevski
  • Lara Ball
  • Chrystal Ruz



Last week we held our final P&F Meeting for the year. These meetings which are held once per term are a significant way for parents to become more involved in the College. I thank each and every parent who has attended one of these meetings this year. Special thanks to our 2019 Executive in Raquel Spratt as Secretary, Sonia Bennett as Treasurer and Les Salisbury as President. Les finishes with the College this year and I thank him for being a significant voice for parents across his 6 years at the College.

Congratulations to our 2020 Executive

President: Jane Gleeson

Treasurer: Sonia Bennett

Secretary: Sogna Carlucci



Please join us on Sunday evening at 6pm for our Youth Mass at St Michael’s Hurstville.




Robyn Rodwell