Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

As the Bethany Catholic Community, in 2020 we have a focus on Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Caritas Australia are guided by the principles of CST. As we move deeper into the season of Lent, I ask that families support fundraising events in the College with all money going to Caritas. Students have been encouraged to come up with inventive ways of building community and raising money with a particular focus on giving and not receiving.





Open Day

It was a privilege to witness our College on display last Tuesday for Open Day. Approximately 200 students volunteered their time to showcase the College. A huge thank you to all staff who stayed back until 6pm and students who catered for guests, acted as tour guides, performed for visitors and helped to highlight individual subjects. With approximately 1000 guests seeing our Open Day, it was wonderful to witness the pride that our girls have in their College and the excitement that they displayed in wanting the next generation of Year 5 students to come to Bethany. Applications for Year 7, 2022 are due April 3, 2020. Please let families know of current Year 5 students.





Shape 2019



Last Friday, Mrs Fitzgerald, Mrs Rowland and I had the honour of attending the Shape 2019 awards ceremony and exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. Daria Badaoui of Year 12, 2019 had her Textiles and Design Project on display which was one of 35 projects from over 8500 students across Textiles and Design, Design and Technology and Industrial Technology. This was a huge honour for Daria and her parents. At the awards ceremony, Daria was announced the winner of the 2019 Fashion Design Studio TAFE NSW Award. This in effect is the best Textiles and Design Project in the state. Congratulations to Daria and Mrs Fitzgerald for guiding Daria during the year. Design students are encouraged to think of a gap in the market and think of innovative ways to fill that gap or need. Crucial to the design process is thinking of an idea, possibly making a mistake and learning from this. Such a skill can be transferred into any subjects where we encourage girls to take risks in their learning. 


Counselling at Bethany

Thanks to Sydney Catholic Schools for their funding support in receiving extra counselling hours this year. Besides our full time counsellor Katerina Stratilas, we now have a further day of counsellor support each fortnight. We welcome Katie O’Brien from Catholic Care to the College.


Bingo Night

As was advertised in our last newsletter, we will host our annual Bingo Night organised by the Parents and Friends group, on Friday June 26. If you are interested in being part of this organising committee, could you please email the College at info@bethanyhurstville. Catholic.edu.au. In terms of a time commitment, it would probably require a few hours across up to 3 meeting times. If you are able to help in the form of donations from businesses eg vouchers, clothing, accessories, jewellery, dinners, signed sporting goods or any other idea, please also email the College. Thanks for your help.


Student Choice

Please speak with your daughter about her involvement at the College. Your daughter may not have an interest in sport or performing arts or public speaking but she may wish to use her skills or just meet new people in a variety of forms. For homework help, we have Lifesavers and lunchtime or tutors in the Library after school until 4.30pm. For some fun and socialising, we have Board Games one lunchtime per week. Students who have an interest in writing stories, creating videos or photography get the opportunity throughout the year to apply for the Media Team whilst students who have a passion for the wellbeing of others can apply to join the Smile team. Research suggests that busy students are often successful students.



Robyn Rodwell

College Principal