Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread and people are reacting in a variety of ways,


We pray:

For those who have contracted this virus, and for all who are sick.

For the souls of those who have died, and for those who mourn them.

For the medical workers and researchers working to help both the sick and the vulnerable.

For the elderly, the poor, the migrant, and all at risk and those without resources for care.

So that we may understand this virus to help those most susceptible and that we continue to care for each other with dignity and love, in sickness and in health.

Let us pray to the Lord.


It is fair to say that we are living in uncertain times with COVID-19 and that sometimes there are no answers for what may lay ahead in terms of school events. As a College, we pride ourselves on our organisation and communication. Over recent days, many parents have been asking questions about the precautions that the College is taking.



  • Student bathrooms are well stocked with liquid soap and we have hand dryers.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at Student Services, Reception and near student bubblers. Many students are carrying their own bottle and using this before and after each lesson.
  • Desks in classrooms have been moved to encourage social distancing.
  • Engagement of extra cleaners to sanitize desks and chairs each day.
  • Student bathrooms continue as per our usual schedule to be cleaned twice per day.
  • The entire College will have a full clean across the holidays, this includes steam cleaning of carpets and locker doors and wipe downs of walls, rails etc.
  • Year Assemblies cancelled until further notice indoors.
  • Library seating limited to 100 students.



Over the last few weeks, the staff have been preparing for remote teaching ie. teaching students who are not in front of them. If the  government or Sydney Catholic Schools were to make a decision for students to remain at home, your daughters would receive lessons in a variety of ways, depending on the decision of each teacher. By now, each teacher should have discussed with their class the method that they will be using. These include:

  • Compass – students are used to their teacher posting lessons on Compass if they have not been present in class or if students have been absent from class
  • Google Classroom 
  • Google Meet
  • Google Chat

Each of these tools are free and students have access to them without a need to download further apps.

Some teachers may have taught their classes about Zoom and if this is the case, this would have been worked through with the class.

Each of the above tools have the ability to either have lessons delivered via instructions, some via voice and some via video.

If we were to come to a situation where teaching was delivered remotely, I will be sending a detailed letter outlining how such instruction will work and how services eg counselling can still be accessed remotely.

For some students there is concern over assessment tasks especially for Year 12 students who are looking further ahead to HSC Exams. Whilst such concerns are understandable, could I encourage all parents and then in turn for you to help your daughters, remain calm and to offer reassurance. Every Year 12 student in the State is in the same set of circumstances and NESA will ensure that students are not disadvantaged. As we are currently open for usual teaching and learning, all assessments remain as published. A revised assessment program would be worked on and published if the need arises. If we were to do this, the wellbeing of your daughters would be key to guiding our decision making.

Lastly could I please again remind parents to visit the NSW Public Health Site for the facts about COVID-19. At Bethany we have no reported cases of the virus and the NSW Public Health Site outlines the circumstances as to who needs to be isolated or tested if they have come into contact with another person who has tested positive. For those families who have put in travel leave requests please make contact with the College if you are cancelling the leave.

May we all remain calm, safe and healthy through these unusual times.


God Bless


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal