Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

God of all blessings, source of all life, giver of all grace in all things, I want to thank you for the gift of life, for the breath that sustains life, for the food of this earth that nurtures life, and for the love of family and friends without which there would be little happiness in life. I thank you for the beauty of creation of this great Earth, for the joy that the ear may hear and for the unknown that we cannot behold filling the universe with wonder. For this, I am grateful. Amen.

Welcome to Term 3. Throughout our time of isolation I have been drawn to what are the positives that we can take from the COVID 19 pandemic. I am grateful for that sense of having more time, of being satisfied with a slower pace of life, for valuing loved ones so much more and appreciative of having good health. Each night on the news, as a global citizen, I am continually shocked by world leaders, ever growing infection rates and poor decisions made by individuals who are taking risks which have an impact on the health and lives of others. At the end of each day though, I am thankful and it is indeed important to have that sense of gratitude for what we do have rather than focus on what we may be missing out on. Amongst the pain and suffering that the pandemic continues to inflict, may we remember that people and relationships are much more important than restrictions and events being cancelled. The Bethany Community is still as vibrant as ever under trying circumstances and for that too, I am grateful.

As we move into Term 3, I thank all families for communicating with the College during recent events and want to reassure all parents that we are doing our best at school to be COVID safe. We have continued to clean bathrooms twice daily, steam clean desks daily, sanitise desks between lessons and distance students where we can. We have plenty of hand sanitiser across the school and students have been communicated to in regards to extra precautions for sport.

Until further notice, we are still unable to run excursions or hold events where parents can mingle with each other or be part of large events. Unfortunately, this means that we are not able to hold our Parents and Friends Meeting this coming Monday. Understandably so there is concern over whether milestone events such as the Year 12 Graduation ceremonies can proceed as planned towards the end of the term. The College Leadership Team are looking ahead to see what alternative plans may look like and we will communicate this as soon as more is known on the ever developing health situation in NSW.

I continue to remind parents that it is best to keep your daughter away from school if she displays any cold or flu type symptoms. Our school is running lessons as usual and we are not in a position to offer remote learning or flexible leave to any student. If your daughter is away, it is her responsibility to communicate with teachers for work missed.

We started this week with a scaled down version of our Semester One Awards. It was important to us that we continue to recognise students for their academic achievement and effort across Semester One. Congratulations to all of our award winners on performing so well despite the challenges that remote learning brought. At the assemblies for awards, I spoke to the girls about taking risks in learning. We identified that risk taking can sometimes lead to making a mistake but there is much that we can learn from our mistakes. I encourage all students to give of themselves even if they are not sure of an answer, to take a risk to learn differently and to have the confidence to back themselves in their learning and if all of this ends up being a mistake, that they think about the mistake and how they can perform differently next time.



Thank you to all parents in Years 7 – 10 for the zoom interviews at the end of last term. We were heartened by the response and engagement from you. Special thanks also to parents of Year 10 students for your involvement in the subject selection process. We valued your input and the discussions that took place. Year 10 have until Monday to submit their subject choices for Year 11, 2021.

Sydney Catholic Schools have sent out 2 surveys for students and parents this week. One is in regards to sport and the other about remote learning. Could I please encourage you to respond to these surveys as a way for us to better cater for your daughter at a system wide level.

Thank you to all families for contributing to a positive start to Term 3, I hope that every member of our Community continues to stay safe, healthy and happy.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal